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Warmth Presents The Extents Experience

Lauren Krieger

There is something special in ambient sounds that transport you to another place, another state. Those artists who help us travel through music, whether of their own creation or by the sharing of others, offer us the opportunity to escape at anytime. Through his productions, mixes, and labels, Warmth is continually enabling these experiences for listeners with both his creation and curation of beautiful ambient music. You can’t help but be effected by his ability to make a deep emotional impact through the music he produces, while as the head of the labels Archives and Faint, he seeks and shares the music of others who transmit the same feelings. This also continues with his DJ mixes; the essence of which you can listen to on his popular Chillout Sundays guest mix, and can expect to hear on his new show Extents. Premiering on February 18th @ 11AM EST [convert timezone] and available anytime after on-demand, Extents is Warmth’s newest avenue for expressing his stories. Catching up before the beginning, we learn more about the man behind the scenes of Warmth:

What was your first introduction to ambient music? 

I was born in 1980, so I guess Jean-Michel Jarre is my earliest memory.

How and when did you start producing your own music?

Not so long ago, to be honest, maybe around 2013. I had always been curious, since electronic music was very present in my day to day. I started playing with Ableton and well, for me it was more of a distraction at first, it took a long time until I started making music that I really liked. 

When did “Warmth” begin? What does the name mean to you?

I’ve always liked warm sounds, low-pitched sounds with a lot of presence and it was a bit what I was trying to do since I started working on my own music, although my first works went from chill-step to dub-techno, before I focused the project on ambient music.

What role(s) would you say that music plays in your life?

I don’t have as much time to produce as I would like, but I manage two labels, so I’m always listening to new material. I’m almost always listening to something at the background, so I’d say it’s definitely very important to me.

What is most important to you for your music to express, or for others to experience when they listen?

The truth is that I don’t think about others when I make music, for me it is something very intimate. After several albums, I feel quite sure of what I do and I only publish the music that fills me and if there is a certain audience for it, then, it seems great. 

We all like to reach the largest possible audience and it is always interesting to check the different interpretations that people can make of your work. I suppose that is why I’m not usually very descriptive with my music. I prefer to make a vague description of what it may mean to me and that people will interpret it as it feels.

I have found myself continually turning to Archives for beautiful, emotional, and deep chill soundscapes. I’d love to hear more about the label – how did it begin? What are your main goals?

I had some, not entirely pleasant experiences with some labels. Sometimes you lose all control over your work, the moment you offer it to a label and you may run into problems, such as, having no control over the mastering and a thousand other things or being asked for a remix or a single track that never get released, after spend hours working on it.

So it was something natural to me. It has been very comfortable for me to have my own platform and be able to manage my own music, although maybe in other labels it would have more repercussion, I don’t care too much. I have also always tried to make the experience the most satisfactory for the artists who edit their music on the labels, approving and participating in the whole process. 

What has your experience been like collaborating with other other artists, such as for the Parallel Remixed album? Is there a tight knit community around the ambient world? 

Well, they are friends, even if I don’t know them in person. I have worked on some occasion with everyone and in many with some and I know I can count on them. We are nice people, I suppose. It is a relatively small community and we all know each other and I think we are willing to help us, whenever possible.

Who are some of the artists who inspire you?

Actually, I feel very inspired by anyone who makes this kind of music their life. Of artists and labels, more or less known… It would be much easier to make another kind of music, with which you can reach the masses, so if you dedicate yourself to this, it is because you really feel it. 

What are you motivated by?

Music is a very important part of my life, so, they feed back in some way. What happens to me in my life is reflected in how I approach my music and I guess that the music I do, affects my mood in different ways at different times.

What are you most proud of as an artist? 

I am very critical with my own music, although every time I feel more comfortable with it. I am very happy with my last albums as Warmth and SVLBRD and in general with the trajectory of Archives and Faint.

Can you share with us more about your show Extents? Is there anything that your audience should know about the show? 

Well, it’s going to be obviously focused on ambient music, mainly. So, I would say that it is best to take a good pair of headphones and enjoy the experience.

Enjoy the initial experience on February 18th @ 11AM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.