Third Son continues deep aural explorations with Polymath

Lauren Krieger

Discover Third Son and Polymath’s distinctive impacts on the underground.

In a short period of time, Third Son has stood out among the crowd with his consistently deep, creative, and mind expanding music. From his widely supported productions to his highly appreciated DJ performances, Third Son provides an edge that blends the dark and beautiful in masterful ways. An avid producer and performer, Third Son has been gathering an audience from around the world, as the music he shares grabs the attention of those who love to explore the depths of underground electronic music.

2VuyU5Xt_6sBeyond his own music, Third Son is the orchestrator of Polymath, a label that brings together artists and the creative community in a unique way. The Polymath concept asks different artists to create pieces inspired by a singular theme, resulting in a release that is diverse yet congruent. Tied together with ornate artwork, the theme permeates the senses to create the greatest impact.

“This concept gives artists the freedom to share their own visions on a given notion, to push and stretch their boundaries of creativity, and to present inspired tracks and artwork.” – Polymath

There is so much more still to come with Third Son and Polymath, definitely a space you want to keep following into the future. Go behind the scenes with Third Son to learn more:


What is your electronic music origin story?

I began DJing and running events, funnily enough called “Origins”, with friends in University. I was making music for years beforehand, but started making house and techno to play during the nights. After graduation we decided to focus on our individual projects – Third Son was born.

Do you have any messages you try to convey through your music?

Nothing subliminal. I’m trying to involve more interesting harmony in my newer stuff, that you wouldn’t necessarily hear in most electronic music.

I’m really interested in pushing the music stylistically at the moment.


I love your aesthetic, the photos and artwork for Third Son and Polymath. What role do you feel visual art plays in connection with your music?

The artwork and aesthetic is the visual representation of the music, so has to be as closely connected as possible. It’s a hard thing to get right but luckily I work with some very talented friends of mine to help me get there.


Do you find it challenging to balance your personal productions and performances with running Polymath?

It can be distracting, and I’m constantly thinking about ideas for the label, but making music is really my main focus. It’s what I do best and it’s what makes me happiest. The label was born of an idea that we felt would be foolish if it wasn’t pursued. It also helps having a wonderful label manager, who really deals with all the hard stuff…

What do you consider the most vital qualities of music?

A Motif, harmony and a reason for being.

What do you think has been your greatest challenge and greatest accomplishment within your music career?

Trying to find a completely unique sound is probably the hardest challenge any musician faces, and i’m still working on it. Touring Australia was a big thing for me. Traveling half way across the world and meeting people who genuinely appreciate your music is a great thing.


What is coming up next for you that you’re especially excited about?

I’m putting a lot of time into my live set at the moment, so I’m looking forward to rolling that out at the start of next year. Some of the most fresh music I think I’ve made is yet to land, and of course Polymath.

CprOGkVWcAAjxuT.jpg_largeImages from Polymath & Third Son

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