The Year in FRISKY 2016

Lauren Krieger

Catching up with a huge year of Feelin’ FRISKY

2016 has been a crazy one. Thank the universe for FRISKY, for a constant stream of music and for knowing that we’re all in this together, riding out this strange trip with deep connecting rhythms as our soundtrack. It was a big year for FRISKY, with some incredible new shows, new products, and more. Here were some highlights:


The new year brought a fresh sound with the launch of DEEP. Exploring the edgier, nastier and deeper side of underground electronic music, the DEEP channel introduced brand new shows to the FRISKY audience, as well as broadcasting continuous creative and distinctive underground from the archives.


In April, FRISKY iOSv2 arrived, bringing a complete re-write of our existing app with all the features of the desktop web app and a lot more into the palm of your hand. With unlimited streaming, on-demand playback, the ability to save favorites, see trending mixes, listen offline in hi-res, and more, the new iOS app transformed the FRISKY experience.

New Shows

FRISKY also launched a ton of new shows across the FRISKY, DEEP, & CHILL channels:





FRISKY Loves The World

FRISKY Loves continued its journey around the world, capturing the spirit of underground scenes from the far reaches of the planet with full day specials featuring guest DJ sets.

azerbaijan_blogheaderpanamaheaderflczechfriskylovescolombiaflicelandheaderflcostarica_headerThis was also the first year of FRISKY Celebrates PRIDE, a special that honors the music within all of us, the journeys that unite us, and the love that conquers hate.

Most Popular Articles

A great year on FRISKY News, we covered wide variety of topics for your Underground Electronic Music obsession, from inside info from FRISKY DJs, industry news, production tips, and even some fun. Here were the top 5 most read articles published this year:

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Third Son’s global impact continues with the launch of Polymath on FRISKY

Thank you for joining us! We have so much coming up in 2017 at your Home for Underground Electronic Music, we can’t wait to show you what’s in store.