THe WHite SHadow Reveals Nagual Research

Lauren Krieger

Nagual Research will feature the cutting edge of electronic music from THe WHite SHadow and guests.

THe WHite SHadow brings his Techno soul to every project, his music reflecting the unique sound he aims to deliver: a mixture of melodic beats that represent a variety of influences. His forward thinking approach combines the past and future through his productions and mixes, creating music that stands out among the crowd. The sound of THe WHite SHadow has drawn the attention of notable labels, released by imprints including Crossfrontier Audio, Chapter 24 Records, Suara, and Global Underground.

His latest project brings together all of his experience and passion into one place: Nagual Research. Created out of a love for similar musical tastes, Nagual Research has been pushing the boundaries of melody and rhythm through their artists and releases. With the launch of Nagual Research on FRISKY, THe WHite SHadow will be bringing the depth of the label’s sound to a global audience through every episode.

Discover more about what to expect from the voices behind the research:

How did Nagual Research begin?

Nagual Research’s creation was the fruit of a meeting between Anthony Godin alias “THe WHite SHadow” and Quentin Cousin who has since become his manager.

They quickly became friends after an event where Anthony played. As they had the same taste in electronic music, they decided to create together a label which suit them, passionate and melodic. Since this moment, the team has grown and Quentin Lucet aka Meknes joined the team as a resident DJ and label manager, to help us to carry out our missions.

What is your mission, and how do the different aspects of the group connect to fulfill this idea?

Our mission is to enable the public to discover new artists. We are not in favour of mass culture but we prefer to explore exceptional melodies presented by emerging artists.

Also, one of our leitmotif is to remain humble and human, because sometimes it’s a real lack in this sector.

What can we expect to hear on the Nagual Research show on FRISKY?

Fresh melodic electronic music, without very precise genre. We always prefer tunes with strong identities, by artists who find themselves musically, and don’t try to copy others.

In short terms, we will try to surprise you in every way…

Tune into the premiere of Nagual Research on FRISKY: October 26th @ 5PM EST [convert timezone] or listen any time after on-demand with FRISKY Premium & Mobile Apps.

THe WHite SHadow – Nagual Research