The Return of the Sasha Warehouse Experience

Lauren Krieger

Whether it’s 1998 or 2018, the DJs, the audience, and the love of the music remains the same.

At the Winter Music Conference in Miami in 1997, Kaz Qamruddin had a mission. He had been building the electronic music scene scene in Colorado and was ready to take it to another level, and for that he wanted the best DJs around: Sasha & Digweed. Kaz met with Jimmy Van M who was representing them in the US at the time, telling him about all that he was doing to create a thriving underground electronic music community. He promised to be back in touch. Jimmy Van M was interested, but he probably wasn’t expecting that it meant he would hear from him every day for 8 months! However Kaz knew in his heart that persistence would pay off. Jimmy did eventually give in, and one of the most epic parties in Colorado’s history became a reality.

Check out the set from that show!:

“With perseverance, passion, dedication, and focus you can do anything. Never give up.” – Kaz

Over the years he has continued to throw epic parties in Colorado and beyond, always aiming to produce the best events for everyone involved. His reputation continued to build as Digweed and Sasha each returned to be a part of something filled with proper passion, energy, and love for the music. Now 20 years after that first Sasha & Digweed event and the crowd might be a little older, but the feeling is still the same. After decades of hosting the biggest underground DJs under various companies, Kaz founded Whirling Dervish with partner Casey aka Mental 69, the duo working together in order to satisfy an opening in the Colorado scene.

“Kaz and I had a vision that there might be a nostalgic audience in Denver that would embrace the idea of reliving some of their youth and fond memories of warehouse raves. We tried to put together a version of that experience with all the positive elements – big name DJ’s, great lights and sound, mysterious locations – but with adult sensibilities – clean bathrooms, full bar, clean warehouse environments, and no risk of shut down. We hoped, but couldn’t predict for sure, how strongly Denver would embrace the concept. And not just the people of Denver, as the word has spread among big DJ’s who now want to play at our events.” – Casey aka Mental 69

Kaz and Casey of Whirling Dervish Productions with Dance Music’s Finest:

Although Kaz said he had considered promoting shows featuring other styles of electronic music, he kept coming back to the Progressive sound that he started with, feeling that it fosters an inclusiveness and diversity that other genres don’t seem to fulfill. The audience is key to a successful party, and that requires a lineup that inspires the type of crowd that is open minded, loving, and respectful. Casey shares the same sentiment, showing why their partnership works so well:

“I think the most important aspect of our shows is the audience. We tried to be careful about the audience we target and curate for these events. As a result, the crowd is a bit older, well-behaved, and very appreciative of the music and the experience. This creates a certain loving and respectful vibe at the show that is really infectious. Its nothing but love and smiles in the room, and that is what makes an amazing experience.”

“That kind of positivity elevates the human spirit.”

The First Sasha Warehouse Experience

Their Warehouse party last year certainly fulfilled this requirement, which you can read all about here:

What a Sasha / Quivver Warehouse Party Taught Me About the Underground

Before the party even ended, everyone was ready to do it again. Sasha said it was one of his favorite gigs, and the Whirling Dervish team felt it exceeded all of their expectations. Sasha and Kaz recently worked together for a gig in DC in December, and had been planning around Sasha’s busy schedule to make the Warehouse Experience happen again on March 3rd. With the party already sold out, it’s obvious the fans have been just as excited for the return.

Both Kaz & Casey agree: there’s a reason why fans have continued to follow him for generations. From spinning vinyl with John Digweed back in 1998, to keeping a more mature yet still as passionate group of fans dancing until the lights come on, he’s still got that something special.

“Sasha is a legendary DJ and producer. He has been in the scene for decades. However, I feel that Sasha may now be at the top of his game as a DJ. He has matured, and when he came out for us in 2017, the night was truly magical. I expect that he will continue to ride that momentum into Saturday night in Denver, and elevate even further. For me, personally, the best part of the night is moving through the dancing crowd among all of the happy people as the dancefloor is at peak experience.” – Casey aka Mental 69

“We cordially invite you, for one night, to escape the cacophony of the world and all of its distraction, and immerse yourself in a sanctuary in which music is our religion and dance is our worship. A place where the DJs will weave a spellbinding journey and the most important part of it is YOU!”


Miss out on the main event or want to keep the night going? Get in on the After Party featuring John Acquaviva, Hipp-e, DJ Sublime!: