The New FRISKY Feature spotlight: Trending Mixes


As we roll out new features on #TheNewFRISKY, we’d like to shed some light on some of its features. Lets start with something that we initially rolled out as an experiment in beta, and have since been making small improvements behind the scenes: Trending Mixes.

We’ve developed a complex algorithm to determine a snapshot of the popularity of a set at any given time. This is determined by the number of people sharing a show on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and G+, the number of playbacks and downloads of the set on the site, and even the number of tweets that DJ or set is generating. In addition, the number of people tuned into the show when it airs on the radio stream also weighs into the calculations. All these variables add up to what we call a set’s “Popularity Index” – which is then tabulated into the Trending Mixes section of the site.

The Trending Mixes section is therefore a great tool that users can use to discover new artists or mixes. DJs and show hosts can use this area to determine how their set is performing with fans. Also, the FRISKY editorial staff constantly monitors the Trending Mixes to determine what mixes, DJs or shows to feature on the main banner carousel area, or which set to make a ‘Staff Pick’

So – in short: fans and FRISKY DJs alike: keep sharing your favourite show pages on Facebook, Twitter and G+, listen to sets free, on-demand anytime and dont forget to tune into the stream when the set first airs to increase your chances of appearing on the Trending Mixes section and increase your exposure to the tens of thousands of users that visit the FRISKY site every day!

By no means are we done! We’re just getting started to redefine how you consume your radio! We’ll roll out new features on first, and then move them over to Keep an eye out on this blog for more product updates.

We’re suckers for feedback! Leave us feedback below in the comments, or use the green “Feedback” tab on the site and tell us what you think and give us suggestions on what we should add to the site. Thanks for your continued support!