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Take a deep exploration into Of Norway’s new album with an exclusive premiere.

The Oslo based duo Of Norway is known for their unrestricted production style, music created with mood and meaning, unlimited in its expression and appeal. Their live & DJ sets expand their influence with epic performances at legendary clubs around the earth. They have described their own sound “like being lost in the woods in Norway”, and now take that idea further into the universe with the launch of their latest album: The Loneliest Man in Space. Full of thought provoking atmospheres and beautifully crafted sounds to get lost in, this is an LP to be listened to in completion, music to take your mind to new spaces from start to finish.

Releasing on April 21st from Connaisseur Recordings, The Loneliest Man in Space contains 10 new tracks and the option for a beautiful light blue double vinyl LP. Read about Of Norway’s experience creating this work of art, and check out an exclusive premiere of the track “Separation Failure” below:

What was the beginning of your album process like? Did you have a concept in mind from the start?

This time around we didn’t have a concept in mind. We weren’t even planning on making an album at all. We simply spent a lot of time in the studio enjoying our selves making tracks. We had a quite big collection of unsigned tracks, and when our friend Alex, who is the head of Connaisseur Recordings, heard them he asked us if we wanted to put them out as an album there. When we listened back it really made sense as all the tracks had some kind coherence to each other.

The entire artistic direction is beautiful and encompasses your music well – how does your artistic vision come to life?

Composing is a process that can vary quite a bit for us. Some times we have a clear idea of what we want to do, either a feeling we want to convey or a technique we would like to try out, or even a sound we want to mold into something. And some times we have absolutely no idea what we want to do. In those cases we mostly just insert a kick drum, and make some chords with preferably a very basic and boring sound. If we find a chord progression that feels intriguing even with a boring sound, we know we are on to something. Then mostly things fall into place by it self.

What do you think is the most difficult part of the album creating process?

Well, this album kind of created it self, so this time around the most difficult process was to select what should not go on the album. It was much harder on our previous album, as we then had to create more music that could fit the concept, while this time around we had most of the material already.

What are your goals when you create music? Did you have a specific goal for this album?

Music composition is kind of our “thing” –

– some people go fishing or play sports to socialize, we do music. It’s a passion, yes, but also one of the things that we share as friends. It’s a way to express ourselves and leave a mark on the world, however small, when we are gone, there will still be some of our music around, a legacy so to speak.

Why do you think the subject of space resonates with the electronic music world so greatly?

In general space and space travel is seen as something pushing boundaries and something technological, also I think it has a mythical dimension, you know, into the unknown kind of thing. And I guess it also plays on the 70s space films, with their synth heavy soundtracks.

What do you like to share through your music?

We try to make tracks that appeal to both listeners and dancers, some of it is quite functional, but we hope to evoke some feelings in people, not just making them dance. Also we like to reference a lot of the music that has inspired us through the years.

Thank you for sharing with us!

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