Technolasko Gets Diverse & DEEP with HawtnBothered

Lauren Krieger

Technolasko’s love of music lights the way for his new show HawtnBothered

New York City based Marvin Nolasko, better known as Technolasko, sets himself apart through his combination of creativity and discipline, artfully blending the new and established through distinctive sounds and styles. Inspired by the days of Sasha and Digweed at Twilo, Technolasko has continued to keep the spirit of house music alive in NYC, as resident of the legendary Sullivan Room and curator of the Tech Soul parties in the heart of the Lower East Side. His guest mixes on 2DC+1 brought that energy to a global audience through FRISKY, his August 2016 mix reaching over 17.7K people and receiving huge support.

An artist through visual and aural means, Technolasko aims to share the creative flow within that connects and inspires all of us. Now he will be sharing that energy with us every month with the launch of HawtnBothered. Get a feel for what’s to come:

What excites you about music lately?

Mostly anything that’s out on the label Scissor and Thread, this was the driving force that got me shopping for fresh wax again, a few years ago when they pressed some Bob Moses I fell in love with the Frank and Tony project and started to grab anything I could of theirs! This led to digging at Halcyon when it was still in DUMBO and I started grabbing some of Taimur’s (BlkMarket) old records from his used bins and my romance with Dub Techno began!

Other than that the old stuff is what’s been exciting, I’ve been exploring my record collection which started about 20 years ago, before I even owned a turntable, I still have a few hundred records that I need to go thru since I’m grab wax at least once a month!

NYC is a great place for digging, so many amazing records and cds end up at thrift shops and they mostly go for one dollar or two. I only try to grab what I really want but I’m also running out of shelve space so I had to slow down on the shopping! I just grabbed a copy of Radio by LL Cool J, Kc and the SunshineBand  and Pat Benetar for $3!

I saw on your Instagram that you are a vinyl & music junkie – what are some of your most treasured records?

This is a tough one, I guess if there was a fire and I had to prioritize Id have to start throwing records out the window probably starting with My olschool Hiphop/Rap collection which is really dope, there’s some Wu tang, Eric B and Rakim, Run DMC, Biz Markie, Beastie boys, Kool G rap and Dj Polo, Nas and the list goes on and on, then there’s the Jazz, Funk, Classical, spanish and a good chunck of electronic music that ranges from Trance, Drum and Bass and Techno and House!

What do you think is great about NYC’s current scene & what would you change (if anything)?

For this question I would like to go back to where it all started. NYC is a birth place of house music, though some would argue that it is Chicago and Frankie Knuckles Warehouse. But if we look at history Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan were friends and soul brothers who played music together till Frankie moved to Chicago.

Larry Levan stayed at Paradise garage and inspired numerous DJ’s to create what we now call NYC house. Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez, Danny Krivit, Francois K, Nicky Siano, DJ Harvey, Tony Humphries, Timmy Regisford and numerous others were influenced by Larry. These dj’s shaped the scene of electronic music ever since, talk about history! Saturday night was always “dance church mass” in NYC where people were united in rhythm, you didn’t need a lot of money to get in and you didn’t have to dress super expensive.

Everyone was equal on the dance floor. It was a communion, a prayer and redemption all rolled into one. Countless friendships, collaborations and marriages started on the dance floor.

In those days local talent was nurtured and appreciated and in turn they were able to shape history. I don’t think these opportunities exist in today’s NYC dance culture. First of all archaic cabaret laws are preventing small home grown production from truly spurring. Everything became money driven, there are not enough places to throw parties on a budget. It feels very monopolized, but also the scene has become homogenized. There is nothing groundbreaking going on, the talent is there, the places to showcase are far and few in between.

What do you aim to communicate through your music?

Music is about feelings/emotions and I have lots to share, my plan is to elevate and also remind others of the forgotten tracks they used to love. There’s so much amazing music in back catalogs yet people seem to get caught up in the what’s new or trending!  I used to catch some of my “serious” Techno music heads jamming to old Daftpunk that I used to sneak in without them knowing! I like to have fun, sometimes I play some out of left field madness in the middle of my sets!

What can listeners expect from HawtnBothered?

A magical journey of sound unbound by time!

Sounds awesome!

HawtnBothered premieres on DEEP on July 11th @ 2PM EST [convert timezone]. Tune in live or listen on demand at any time with FRISKY Premium: