Prepare for the Premiere of Sybelle Mier’s Polarity

Lauren Krieger

Get ready for the DEEP sound of Sybelle Mier’s Polarity

Sybelle Mier has been force in the Mexican scene since she first fell in love with the Trance sound of the early 2000’s, driving her to attend school to learn the techniques of DJing and Electronic Music Production. This passion has fueled her to express the music within, and to share it with others through her live performances and multiple radio DJ shows in Argentina and Mexico. As a guest on FRISKY she has received much support, her X-Chrome and Artist of the Week mixes combining for over 17K listens.

Now she brings her love of the music to FRISKY full time with the launch of Polarity on DEEP. Premiering August 16th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] Polarity will be a complex and detailed exploration through sound. Before launch, learn more from Sybelle:

What got you hooked on this music?

The freedom to express myself through movements, either called music or dance by unlimited chances to discover & connect with people and sound in many different ways.

How do you feel about the current scene in Mexico?

With pleasure to hear daily releases and warm up sessions for great DJs made by Mexicans Djs. Wishing that we build more opportunities between the national scene for new talents and supporting our local DJs.

What have been some of your favorite DJ moments?

First of all having the opportunity to do what I like most: express the desire to make people dance, being witness in the front row that your goosebumps are being transmitted either to 15 or 15 thousand people when you put a track that blows their heads off in a club or when they listen to you in a radio show with their headphones, and later read or hear their comments. Each and every one of these moments is the most special thing that I have ever experience as a DJ.

What is your favorite thing about the music?

For me everything rotate around her and the need to create it. I am fascinated that to know more of it takes you to other times and cultures, there are no barriers to music, it is diverse in rhythms and melodies.

It is directly related to the change and growth of each artist therefore of each genre. I love to see that when new projects emerge, good music always finds its way to the reach the right ears.

What do you want listeners to know about your new show?

Polarity comes with the energy of the new Mexican talent and the promise to make you dance like in the underground dance floor.

Catch the premiere on Polarity on August 16th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] or listen afterwards on-demand and offline with FRISKY Premium & FRISKY Apps: