Sur continues passionate pursuit of music with launch on FRISKY DEEP

Lauren Krieger

Join SUR as they get ready for their new home on FRISKY DEEP

Picture a passion for the music so strong that you must create an outlet for all that building energy, a way to release, enjoy, and live what you love. This is what Todd and Erik Hanna did with the SUR Podcast. Created as a space to expand on their electronic music experiences, SUR has been the home of over 60 deep, exotic, and sexy mixes, mixed by Todd and Erik themselves, as well as featured guest DJs who add their unique perspectives to the SUR world. Having shared their sound with hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe, the love they have for the music has resonated with listeners everywhere, and is ready to continue to spread through FRISKY DEEP starting July 1st @ 2PM EST [convert timezone].

Before we launch, learn more about SUR with Todd & Erik:


Can you tell us a little about your background and what inspired you to create “SUR”?

Todd: We’ve been in and around dance music for 20 years – me as a DJ and Erik as a promoter and manager.  In our heyday, we got travel to some awesome cities and play some great clubs and events.  We were lucky to hold some phenomenal residencies over that time – Rise in Boston, Pravda in Boston, Sullivan Room in New York City, just to name a few.  As time passed, adulthood set in, and we started families and had to step back from club events to focus our energy on our day jobs and home lives.  But we still needed an outlet for this music that we love so much.  So in 2009, Erik started the SUR podcast which featured mixes by us and other DJs we respect. Since then, the podcast has featured over 60 mixes and had over 1 million downloads in 93 countries. We’re very thankful and excited to bring the SUR sound to Frisky Deep.

How would you describe your style to new listeners?

Erik: Our style is definitely cross-genre blend of deep house, tech house and electronica.  We’ve always been drawn to tracks which have a certain warmth and lushness at their core.  Our mixes can move through different genres and energy levels but are always warm and uplifting.

What does “DEEP” mean to you, and how do you think “SUR” fits that description?

Todd: I think the word “deep” reflects the depth of textures, sound and emotion that music can provide.  We like organic music, we like soulful music, we like intelligent music, we like sexy music, but we also like fun and danceable music too.  So blending it all has always been the focus of SUR.

What do you think are the most important qualities for a quality DJ set, and how do you select guests for your show?

Todd:  We think of the kind of environments where we like to listen to music – having cocktails with friends, or at the beach, or late night when people feel like dancing and then we try to create sets that work in all those situations.  So for us, it’s about music and sets with a general positive and uplifting tone, while also with versatility.

How do you think “SUR” has evolved from the beginning, and what do you see as the future of the show?

Erik:  Honestly, starting SUR was our way to stay connected to house music. That so many people around the world have enjoyed the show is still just amazing to us.  We didn’t really think of SUR as a brand itself at first.  But over time, for us and our listeners, SUR has sort of grown to define the music itself.  We will get sent tracks and people will say “This is a real SUR track.”  Which is very cool.

We are so excited to bring the show to Frisky Deep – we promise a good time!

sur-sq4Let’s do this! Join the premiere on Friday July 1st @ 2PM EST [convert timezone] only on FRISKY DEEP