Still-Life Brings Watercolour Records to DEEP

Lauren Krieger

Experience the atmospheric Still-Life and Watercolour Records’ sound on DEEP

Still-Life’s distinctive sound has been heard live across the UK at festivals like Glastonbury, Bestival Festival, Zoo Project Festival, and Strawberry Fields Festival, and around the world in places that include New Zealand, Dubai, Malta, Ibiza, Thailand and Poland. His rework of the two UNKLE tracks “Heaven” and “Hold My Hand” gained him massive support from James Lavelle himself, one of Still-Life’s biggest influences, among Jon Hopkins, Brian Eno, DJ Tennis, AME, and Radio Slave. This mix of musical inspirations has shaped his sound into a unique deep, atmospheric, thoughtful blend of electronic styles, which gives his productions and DJ sets hypnotic and mesmerizing vibes. His label Watercolour Records’ motto “Electronic music with a deeper edge.” encompasses this philosophy, and his new DEEP show will be the perfect place to experience it for yourself, whenever, and wherever you are.

Premiering March 27th at 5PM EST [convert timezone] listen to Watercolour Records live or on-demand anytime after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription. And in the mean time, press play on Still-Life’s Artist of the Week mix and learn more about the man behind the music below:

How did you first get involved with electronic music?

I have to let my sister Ria Gribby take the credit for this. I was 15 and really starting to feel music and enjoy that feeling that music gave me. I wanted to be a DJ but I wasn’t aware of anything like the electronic music side of things. I was going to be a mobile DJ until Ria asked me to listen to one of her tapes; Graeme Park, I think it was. That repetitive kick drum hooked me right in from the start. And that’s when this whole scene became my life.

What are you most passionate about within the music?

I started out being a DJ way before I started producing music of my own. I am a DJ / Producer, I suppose and not a Producer / DJ. At first I thought nothing would come close to the feeling of playing out live. But somehow the production side has become very addictive, always wanting to make better sounds, always wanting to make better music. However if I’m honest with myself, playing out live is the best feeling in the world. If you have the right space and the right people there is NO better feeling in the world.

What has been one of your favourite moments as a DJ and/or artist?

Getting to play at some great festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival, Stella Polaris and being part of some great artists & labels too including Global Underground, Café Del Mar, Café Mambo, Stella Polaris and UNKLE. These had all been a dream until a lot of hard work made them reality.

How would you describe the Still-Life sound?

Electronica, Minimal, Stripped Back House & Techno. Always keeping within a tight sound of deep and ambient.

What is the mission behind the Watercolour Records label?

I wanted to start a label, which would represent what Still-Life, the artist, is all about. The sound of Still-Life is electronic music with a deep floaty edge. Still Life is a type of painted art, music is a type of art. I wanted to incorporate art and music. The leaf, which is the Watercolour Records logo, has been hand painted and is a Still Life painted image. Watercolour is a type of paint, so it all sits very neatly together. Artists paint Still Life paintings with Watercolour paints. A great way to explain the philosophy behind the label would be as quoted from Eileen Pegg at Leftlion magazine:

“Watercolour Records, Harnessing The Art of Sound”

Catch the premiere of Watercolour Records on March 27th @ 5PM EST [convert timezone] on DEEP or listen on-demand anytime after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & on FRISKY Mobile Apps.

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