Sounds like Selador: Go behind the scenes to celebrate the label’s 50th release

Lauren Krieger

Selador continues to make waves in the electronic music universe with their 50th release

To be a stand-out label that can be relied upon for consistent top quality is rare these days, but through their first three years, Dave Seaman and Steve Parry have managed to maintain and even expand on their influence in the underground music landscape through Selador Recordings. With a catalog of releases that continuously provide that something special, you can rifle through the Selador Recordings discography and keep finding gems over and over again. From Dave Seaman’s Justified Replacement of Lulu, Steve Parry’s Apricity, Quivver’s Wait for You, Habishman’s The Way, Robert Babicz’s One Day We’ll All Be Happy… the list of tracks that grab your attention and beg for repeat listens goes on and on. Not only do they manage a busy schedule of performing, producing, and managing, they seem like they’re having a pretty fun time doing it.

With their upcoming Nightfalls marking the 50th release, we catch up with Dave Seaman and Steve Parry to hear all about it:


Is there anything that has surprised you about the way Selador Recordings has evolved from the beginning?

We’re a little surprised about how quickly the label seems to have established itself. There’s so many great labels out there all competing in the same small marketplace so it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. We’ve only existed for just over 3 years and so can’t believe we’ve already managed to have label nights at the likes of Watergate in Berlin and Space in Ibiza. Infact, we joked recently that maybe we should call it a day and quit while we’re ahead!

How have your experiences with Selador been different than or similar to the other labels you have been a part of in the past?

Things are very different now from when I was running Stress in the ‘90s or Audio Therapy in the noughties. The music industry has been turned on its head by the digital revolution. It’s unrecognisable from the business it was a couple of decades ago. Labels have to work ten times harder now for very small, if any, financial gains so it really has sorted out who’s in it for love and who’s in it for money. One thing that hasn’t changed though is that a label gives you an opportunity to work together with like minded people and create a gang-like mentality from which you can do many other things. The strength in numbers/power by association game seems more prevalent now than ever.

…it really has sorted out who’s in it for love and who’s in it for money.

What do you think are the most important qualities that remain consistent throughout all of your releases and the artists you sign?

We deliberately set out with very little plan as to what kind of music we’d put out. All we knew was they we wanted everything to feel really new and fresh, away from anything we’d done before and that we didn’t want to get stuck in one particular genre. Steve and I have wide ranging tastes in electronic music and wanted to make sure we showcased that. And to some extent, I think we’ve achieved that. We had a rein ourselves in a little as to release electronic music from completely opposite ends of the spectrum can get too haphazard and confusing for the consumer but hopefully as we establish ourselves further and really gain the trust of the label’s supporters, we’ll be able to spread our wings even further.


What has the experience of DJing live Selador shows been like? How important do you think it is for labels to represent themselves with live performances?

It definitely helps to connect you with your audience more. That goes without saying. And I think if you want to develop your label from merely being a music supply platform into more of a brand, then it’s essential to move into the live arena where people can really experience what you’re all about. We’re hoping to do more and more Selador nights in the future.

What inspired you to remix Cascades of Colour? Do you find it more challenging to remix a “classic” than a brand new track?

I was going through my vinyl collection and just came across the original. I always loved the Ananda Project version and the Danny Tenaglia remix. I even used it on one of my Global Underground compilations back in the day. It has such a beautiful vocal and unbelievably, it’s almost 20 years old! So I thought it was overdue an update to bring it to the attention of the current generation of clubbers who’ve probably never heard it before. It came together very quickly, so I licensed the vocal from the original label, King Street, and the rest is history. Retitled ‘Nightfalls’, it’s now our 50th release 🙂

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I’m always excited to hear up and coming Selador tracks on both Selador Sessions & Radio Therapy (such as Nightfalls!), how does the FRISKY Radio platform help accomplish your goals as a label?

Well it’s obviously a big platform for us to premiere new material. I’ve been doing my show for 6 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. And with Steve having his own show too now we can do a pincer movement on you all. There’s no escape! We just have to always discuss who’s playing what before we do a show though as we can be so similar in our tastes, we’d end up producing identical shows!

Through these first 50 releases, what are you most proud of?

I think the Show-B remix of Jaap Ligthart & Alice Rose ‘I Know Change’ was a pivotal moment for the label and was particularly special as we had to work so hard to get that release together. We definitely jumped a few rungs up the ladder with that one.

Thanks so much for catching up with me, I’m really excited to hear what’s coming up next!

I’m glad there’s no escaping from Radio Therapy & Selador Sessions… they are always favorites that give an inside listen on the coolest new tracks. In fact, you should probably tune in right now!

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