Take it DEEP With the Premiere of SHFT: Float

Lauren Krieger

Experience the beautiful & dark vibes of SHFT with the launch of Float

SHFT’s distinctive deep and precise sound transports the listener to another place, one where the music surrounds you in the darkness, and all that you can feel is rhythm and emotions pulsing, sensing that you could get lost in this moment forever. There’s a beauty in the darkness, and SHFT has the ability to bring that to light. As an integral part of India’s ever growing Underground scene, SHFT has been keeping focused on the music and building his reputation through his DJ sets and productions. Traveling across India, SHFT has been bringing deep nights to eager crowds, while around the globe listeners can experience those vibes for themselves through his DJ mixes. His Artist of the Week, Eterno, and Juicebox guest mixes for FRISKY have reached almost 30K, transporting a wide range of listeners into his world.

With the premiere of Float, starting on May 21st @ 10AM EST / 7:30PM IST [convert timezone] on DEEP, SHFT will be sharing his latest explorations into the sounds of the Underground with every episode. Tune in live, or listen On-Demand & Offline with FRISKY Premium & FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Quickly catch up with SHFT as we get ready for launch:

What was your introduction to the electronic music scene like?

When I was in school, I came across a video of Chemical brothers – Star Guitar. That was the first time I heard electronic music. Then I started exploring different genres and found myself hooked to this style of music.

What is your favorite type of venue or atmosphere to play?

I love to play in venues which have an intimate vibe, it is a club or an outdoor setup. As long as I have the crowd close to me, I enjoy a lot.

Do you feel like you have established a particular “sound” between your DJing and productions?

My sound has always been about cross genre music with influences from techno, minimal, deep and progressive. For me it’s more about the vibe as a dj/producer than a particular sound. I get bored with just one sound.

What do you love to listen to?

Classical music, Jazz, Electronica (Stuff by James Holden, Nathan Fake, Jon Hopkins, etc)

What do you hope people experience when they listen to your music?

The music should be groovy but not very busy. It should have clean defined sounds with some abstract elements or ideas forming a melodic idea with a hint of darkness and deep emotional quality. This is the kind of experience I want to give to my listener.

What are you excited about right now?

I am really excited about my new modular rack. Really looking forward to make some fresh ideas with it.


There’s sure to be much more coming up for SHFT!
Stay tuned & tune in to Float: premiering May 21st @ 10AM EST / 7:30PM IST [convert timezone] on DEEP

SHFT – Float