Semillero Volume II: Pedro Capelossi

Nick Kaniak

Pedro Capelossi is DJ and, very recently, a very well-rounded producer from Brazil.

Though he doesn’t boast of an extensive catalog of tracks, he compensates with a quality in both his productions and mixes which is rarely seen. You can really tell this is a byproduct of a well-honed set of ears, which have been curating music for many years of dedication and passion.

So, if his footprint in the production scene is so new, how did I come across this talented fellow?

Kind of by accident if you ask me. I happen to attend the 2nd edition of a “Sudbeat + The Soundgarden” at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona. During that party, I happen to cross paths with Kamilo Sanclemente and Juan Pablo Torrez, which of course I paid my respects to. After a small chat with those two giants, I happened to meet Pedro who was hanging out with them. Soon after a brief conversation, we found out we were both producing and releasing in the same labels, which lead to an immediate exchange of Facebook Profiles.

From that moment on, I can’t help but see firs-handed the growth and quality exuded by his productions and presentations, a benefit you rarely have in a so evergrowing and massive scene.

Most probably than not, I might find myself a few years from now saying: “You know, I met him before he became this unreachable sought-after artist, we are good pals”

Some personal favorites of mine are:

Hidden & Deaden, Pedro Capelossi – Waterfalls (Original Mix) – BC2

Pedro Capelossi – Sonar (Original Mix) – Soundteller Records

So, just to get starting, when and how was your first encounter with electronic music?

Hello! First of all, I’d like to say that I’m very happy to talk to you about me and my music! Means a lot to me! Thanks for the opportunity!

Besides randomly listening, my first real contact with electronic music was in a rave party with some friends called SP Groove in São Paulo – Brazil (where I was born). There was an acid techno party in a small and amazing farm. The atmosphere, the people, the music, the rave culture. I’ve got absolutely in love with all that. That changed everything.

After that party, I kept attending more electronic music parties (techno and psytrance mostly) and started digging some tunes, got familiarized to DJs, labels, styles etc. Eventually, I fell in love with house and trance.

Therefore, the DJ thing was something that came step by step. Once I used to do a lot of music research and have always something fresh to introduce, I first started putting some music for friends through my iPod in barbecues etc. and eventually I was mixing in Virtual DJ (around 2010), and finally got my first “Traktor” control in 2012 after my first trip to Ibiza. From then on I really started DJing.

Because of this, do you still relate to music in the same way as when you first started?

Absolutely not. My relationship with electronic music has been changing since that first contact back then. Your perception is totally different when you only want to listen to music, it changes when you consider yourself an “enthusiast”, changes when you start DJing and absolutely changes when you start to produce.

Your taste changes as well. I started listening and enjoying some 140 bpm techno and now I prefer slower, melodic and groovy music to listen, play and even to produce (even though I’m doing some dance floor “bombs” more often these days).

What do you hope to communicate through your music?

It could sound a little “cliche” but one thing is true: music is a universal religion, music unites, music allows you to create relationships with people you would never expect even meet in your entire life. It’s so important in the world we live right now which is full of hate.

I can say right now I have friends from a lot of different countries and cultures and I have daily contact with people from all around the world through and because of music. It’s a beautiful thing!

So I hope that through my music I can keep connecting to more and nicer people.

Your growth, in terms of production and mixing, is taking-off exponentially, is there a factor that you think has helped you in this process?

Dedication and passion. It took so long from when I started DJing to the day I started producing, but once I started I’ve put all my efforts on it. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to do something and this year the results are starting to appear.

Actually, I have less than 2 years of producing and my first release was this year of 2018, so I’m really really glad about my performance this year.

To be very honest I can tell that I’m not even close to being satisfied with my music. I think I have a LOT to learn until I can get where I want to be, that is among the best producers in the world as the likes of Guy J, Navar, Guy Mantzur, Forerunners, CID INC, Darin Epsilon, Subconscious Tales, Dmitry Molosh, Stereo Underground, Audio Junkies, Brian Cid, Antrim, Kamilo Sanclemente, Michael A, Dimuth K etc. only to name a few.

What software plug-ins or workflow do you use to be able to produce?

That is a funny thing. I use the “DAW” “REASON”. I don’t know anyone else that uses that and everyone says “get out of this, go to Ableton!”. I’ve learned in Reason so I keep going and exploring this software. Next year I’ll study electronic music production at “SAE” here in Barcelona, so I expect to learn a lot from other software etc. and really expand my mind and my skills.

What things are you learning as you produce?

The art of music production is a constant and infinite learning. I can definitively tell you that I learn a lot with all the tracks and remixes I do and I think that is something really amazing. Every track I try something different, something new, something I haven’t done before.

Also, I learned that production is not only about the music, but it’s also about people. You learn how to deal with label managers, with other producers, with people that like your music and even with criticism which is very very important.

And for me it’s been a year that I’m learning how to deal with success and failures, learning how to manage the expectations and anxiety, it’s not easy at all.

What mistakes did you make before and did you improve?

When you produce you are always developing, it’s hard to tell about isolated mistakes, it’s a constant process. Dealing with music and dealing with people.

What things would you like to improve?

As I have only less than 2 years of producing, I can’t yet produce exactly the music I want. Sometimes one track is a result of one experiment and that’s it. I wish I can make in the near future exactly the music I want, not what actually comes “naturally” and “accidentally” in a studio session

What producers and DJs of the scene do you admire and what do you think will be useful in the future?

I mentioned a lot of producers above, but I would like to include in the list the ones I think that are the new generation and that are doing really great stuff right now. On the top of the list is my friend Julian Nates, from Argentina. Moreover it worth to mention Ezequiel Arias, Berni Turletti, Luciano Scheffer, Ge Bruny, Jose Tabarez and many many more.

How did you get the Valhalla residence?

The decision to come to Barcelona is the result of a big context that includes the hard times my country (Brazil) is facing these days, especially about the violence, and also to dedicate myself to music 100%.

So the first thing I did once I was here was looking for the progressive house scene in Barcelona. Suddenly I saw on facebook an event with Ezequiel Arias, that was the first Valhalla edition.

I got sick that day so I couldn’t go to that one, but I went to the second one to meet the organizers and see what was that party about. After this first conversation I was invited to play, once I had already a nice curriculum from Brazil playing alongside Nick Warren, Cid Inc, Darin Epsilon etc. the guys liked my music and we’ve become really great friends. Now I’m not only a resident, but I’m also part of the “board” of the project, what makes me very happy and proud. Valhalla is like a family and I’m so lucky to be part of it with some great DJs and friends: Kali Mist, Rivellino, Ryan and Leo Knorpel.

Do you have any other passion other than music?

Tattoos and trips! This year, with my wife, we have been traveling a lot through Europe and I’ve been tattooing a lot as well!

What current projects are you working on that excites you?

I can tell that right now I’ve reached a point that I’m not satisfied with my productions. I feel that I have to put a lot more quality in my music and less quantity. I just finished a remix and now I want to start a new EP with the best originals I can. This is part of the mature curve that every producer should have.

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