Pro B Tech continues to progress through quality and connection

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: The duo behind Pro B Tech Records talk about the label’s growth and future.

Pro B Tech may be a relative newcomer to the industry, but the guys behind the label are ready and able to take it to the next level through their unlimited passion and dedication to the music. They recently launched a brand new show on FRISKY [read about it here!], where their talented roster is showcased to a global audience through a variety of underground electronic sounds. This month’s episode, airing Wednesday July 22nd at 2PM EST [convert timezone] will feature Lee Softley aka Blue Amazon, who just released his “Teaser EP” on Pro B Tech, and who also happens to be the label coordinator and co-director. Together with Brent Lawson, the founder of Pro B Tech, they are ready to take on the underground through thoughtful releases, hard work, and true love of the sound.

Exclusive to FRISKY, they take us behind the scenes:

Brent – What inspired the creation of Pro B Tech?

11295804_458777727631375_858980775612642110_nBrent: I have always loved electronic music, it all started with listening and watching Jean Michel Jarre and the the amazing shows and musical creations. From that point on I got into Dance music and started going to many a night out and it became a passion, decks were bought, house parties were held regularly and it was great.

However as time went on and technology moved I wanted to be more involved, more than just another bedroom DJ and wanted to look at something else, some other way that could potential raise my profile as a DJ.  I could never get into production at that time, so I thought that an option B would be to create that a new label and Pro-B-Tech Records came on the scene. Initially it was a hobby and I did it myself, but then the outside more professional world started taking notice. My first interaction kicked off with Mick Park from TILT, he showed an interest and introduced me to many of what I would see as my legends and heroes of the industry.

Mick recently needed to concentrate on his productions and the timing seemed to have been meant.

Lee joined up (as mentioned in his section below) and has brought a different feel and edge to the label, we have a lot of plans and hopefully just hopefully you will see productions coming from myself.

Lee – how did you get involved with Pro B Tech?

lee softleyLee: I started recording some new music earlier in the year wanted to find a suitable home for it.

I was aware of Pro B tech and impressed with what Brent had been doing with the label. I approached him with a view to sign what has become my first release on Pro B Tech “Blue Amazon – Teaser EP”.

This opened up various conversations between us and we seemed to share similar views on how to promote and develop a record label in a very modern way. Gradually our conversations have become activity.

What roles do each of you play within the label? Is it a challenge to find balance between them?

Lee: Its hard to define or pin point roles as there’s such a variation of activities within the label and we both get involved. I guess over a period of time I’m becoming more active in sourcing new signings and liaising with artists.

Also I’m quite involved in the creative vision and direction of the label . We both feel its become very important to push the boundaries of the label sound and not have a set style. There’s the online presence of the label which are both involved in on a day to day basis.

Brent takes ownership of the legal work such as contractual agreements. He’s very focused on the release schedules, the DJ / radio promotions and works hard at fighting anti piracy using portals such as muso.

He works along side our digital distribution outlet providing them with as much press / promotion information for each artist pre release to ensure the release carries weight and awareness. He arranges professional mastering for our artists and very involved with setting up new affiliations.

The balance comes through communication and in short working out which area either of us prefers or wants to be more active in.

What has been the best part of running the label so far?

Brent: The people, the places and the productions, the communications between artists who I thought I’d never be regularly communicating with, getting the label known globally and all from a little village in the north east of Scotland.

What sets Pro B Tech apart?

Lee: I feel the drive and focus behind the label.

There’s a real desire to take the label to the next plateau and build something uniquely strong.

There’s a massive focus on quality and consistency and without naming other labels we want to compete.

Brent: I think its really difficult to stay one step ahead, genres have changed and to be honest have all but gone, to me house music is house music, We, as in myself and Lee, have a real drive to push the label in all directions. It’s very easy to pigeon hole yourself and only be known for one sound, what you will see in the future and already happening is different sounds, new artists, it’s a bit of a cliche but we try to create a family environment about the label, anyone can email, phone communicate with us we are grounded and aim for success.


There are exciting changes coming up for Pro B Tech! Tell us about these new expansions and your plans for the future.

Lee: We’ve signed some fantastic artists over the past few months and making our release schedule more consistent and hitting different genres within the boundaries of Progressive, Tech House and Techno. We have a new show case album in the making which will feature a number of new signing to the label and is looking very strong.

We have plans for further artist albums including Sam Molison & Natasha Cardman. The first mix series album will come later in the year which is an exciting project as we aim take the album beyond the standard of a DJ mix album.

The Pro-B -Tech agency is in the making to support the DJs / Artists from the label.

Brent: I can really only replicate what Lee has said above, the list on my white board, the schedule is full, we are getting a huge amount of demo’s hitting our accounts regularly which is great. It really shows that Pro-B-Tech Records are no small town label we are and aim to be up there with the major players.

Listen to Pro B Tech Radio now & Tune in to the special guest mix by Blue Amazon!

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