Pole Folder on getFrisky! Argentina Tour & His New Compilation Album

Lauren Krieger

TLDR:Pole Folder recently toured Argentina for getFrisky! & has a new compilation CD out on Hernan Cattaneo’s label Sudbeat.

With an amazing ability to read the crowd, a vast and enviable library of music, and a dedication to creating a complete experience, Pole Folder’s live shows are always special events. His recent visit to Argentina for two getFrisky! shows in Rosario and Club Bahrein in Buenos Aires were epic nights filled with incredible music and driving energy from start to finish. FRISKY listeners will get a taste of those evenings (and early mornings!) with a special Destinations airing on August 14th. Recorded live in high quality, the first hour will be from Pole Folder’s show in Rosario, and the second from Buenos Aires. We catch up with Pole Folder to learn more about his experiences on the road and adventures with the music, as well as his new compilation on Sudbeat.

As you tour the world, is there something that you always do when you get to a new destination? Do you have any traditions or routines you follow?
Not really. Besides the fact that I make sure I don’t forget any live tools at home, which is the only routine I follow mainly, I most of the time try to enjoy a bit of the uses and habits of the countries I visit. Like local food, important locations, cool bars and to share moments, thoughts with the people I meet.

From your closing track in your recent getFrisky! show in Bahrein, you can tell what great thought and energy is put into ending the night in the best way possible. Do you always have a set track you know will be the closer, or does it often change during the night?
I have like a red line of tracks which I prepare for the gig, something which is like the spine of my set. Around that I do the changes depending of the vibes in the club and the responses from the dance floor.

I loved the mockup “The Art of Warm-Up” book you posted on Facebook. What do you enjoy most as the warm up DJ, and what qualities do you like to bring that role?
To warm-up gives you the chance to play tracks which would be probably hard to play for a full dance floor. You can also build on a very slow way the whole set, and I like that way of working… a bit meticulous. At the same time you need to create some climax moments to make sure that the energy doesn’t leave the room. It’s all about controlling the vibes and the energy between a certain range. If you go over it can be bad for the next DJ, if you go too low you can lose the crowd. Tricky but I like that exercise.

What can fans do to create the best experience for everyone involved (including you) at one of your shows?
I guess the fact that they are there is the best experience for me. That gift is always giving to me an extra energy to deliver the best set I can do that night.


Are there any lessons you have learned or pieces of advice you would pass on to aspiring DJ/Producers or humans in general?
I’m not sure. That’s certainly a complex question. I would maybe say that the most interesting thing I’ve learned…. is to to forget a lot of things you learned in the past.

Pole Folder Sudbeat

You’ve got a new CD compilation just released on Sudbeat, the latest since the Destinations premiere release on FriskyRecords. What is your favorite part of the compilation process and how does it compare to preparing for your live shows?
That was a real challenge as Hernan Cattaneo gave me the tracks selection and my job was to create two CDs with the 28 tracks. It was also an honor as Hernan is for me one of the best DJ I’ve seen behind the decks since I started clubbing and to receive a mail for me asking me to mix the new compilation of his label sounded a bit like Christmas time when I was a kid. I tried to use my way of mixing my own sets live to create that compilation. Melodic mixing, climax, energy … according to Hernan the job was done on the right way. 🙂

You can buy the compilation here.

How would you describe your music in 10 words or less?
House vibes, harmonies, melodies, sonic textures, emotion, integrity, constant questioning… does it make 10?

What is next for Pole Folder?
I will play in a couple of weeks in Chicago. It’s an honor to be back on the cradle of house music. I’m also back on productions. That’s a key point in my life. I go mad when I don’t produce music. It’s kind of vital for me.

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Pictures from getFrisky! Buenos Aires, July 9th 2014: