Planetarium explores deep waves of chill out with new show Neptunian

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Nils Feldhus joins the FRISKY CHILL channel with launch of Planetarium – Neptunian

Nils Feldhus shares his musical inspirations to a wide audience through his Northwest Germany based brand Helioscope, and through multiple electronic music shows that cover an expansive range of styles and atmospheres. Each show is a unique broadcast, comprised of timeless and forward thinking music that is elegantly composed. Producing and mixing as Planetarium, he has created lovely sound spaces designed to share the global underground world of ambient music. Now Planetarium is coming to FRISKY CHILL, where his show Neptunian will deliver serene sounds to a worldwide audience. An “Ode to the Ocean”, full of Balearic chill-out, acoustic guitars, and vocal influences, with accentuated rhythms delivered throughout, Neptunian will be a complex and carefully designed collection of music that blends and transcends with every episode.

Tune into the premiere on Sunday July 26 2015 @ 9AM EST [convert timezone] and welcome the newest addition to FRISKY CHILL!

Show Page: Neptunian
Premiere: July 26th @ 9AM EST [convert timezone]

Get ready for the new journey by listening to his Chillout Sundays episode:

Tune In: Chillout Sundays