Peter Csabai Spreads Lovedust on FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

Peter Csabai transmits his deep passion for music into Lovedust

There are people who so deeply love this music, that when they first experience its distinctive sound, it takes over their life with fervor. For Peter Csabai, it happened quickly – as soon as he was sucked in, the music became a main focus in his life, driving him to research, learn, and discover all he could about it. As a professional tennis player, Peter traveled with music always at hand, but never had the opportunity to pursue it further as an artist. Now with a focused determination, he creates mixes that exemplify his dedication and perfectionism, as well as his fresh perspective on building stories through sound. His guest mixes on LIGHTWORKS and as Artist of the Week received huge support and paved the way for the launch of his own monthly show: Lovedust.

I think “Lovedust” is a great name and I’d love to hear about the inspiration behind it. Where did it come from?

Sorry, but I can not tell you why it is “Lovedust”, mystery is part of the experience, let’s just say, love is what I try to express to my fans and the music I play is a little dirty and dark like dust.

What was your experience like when you first decided to become a DJ? Was there one outstanding moment or was it a gradual process?

Believe it or not, the first time I’ve ever been to a techno or house event, was in November 2014. It totally sucked me in, I realized all the effects of that music, mental and physical. After that I went to parties every second week, I became a fan and a scholar. I was researching and looking for new tracks, I already looked for a software to mix or produce, but for 1 year I only listened. Last year I started to mix, because I wanted to have my favorite tracks together. My first mixes were not very good, I didn’t like them, but after a while I started to feel the sync and I decided to buy a Numark Mixtrack Pro and I have entered a DJ contest here in Budapest. My mix didn’t win the contest, but it was good enough to get some nice feedback from the people who organised the contest. At the same time I started to work with a DJ, I was his backup, his technician, I’ve learned a lot about the job. Next thing I know I am a guest at Ingo Vogelmann’s LIGHTWORKS and 4th on the top chart, it all happened very fast.

Do you find there are any similarities between being a professional athlete and a DJ?

Being an athlete made me a perfectionist, I don’t accept good, but great performance from myself or from others. Every time I make a mix or have a gig, I want to make it to be the best, I know it is a bit optimistic, but I compare my mixes to the best, I think that is the only way I have a place in this business. Also, the last time I had an interview was back when I was an athlete, so that is also similar 😀

What is your favorite thing about the music?

Music makes me happy, calm, passionate, it balances my mood, fills me with energy.

I listened music all my life, first when I was 3-4, my parents listened to ABBA and Boney M, than I listened pop songs on ORF (Austrian TV channel), my favorite was Michael Jackson, I am a very good moonwalker myself :D. Later when I moved to the USA, grunge and hard rock was my favorite, but at the same time I loved Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Enigma, U96 and Prodigy. Basically all kinds of music. Techno and house are very complex genres, they combine energizing and relaxation at the same time, sort of a meditation.

What do you try to include or communicate through your sets?

As I said, music makes me happy and balanced, I make mixes so people can feel the same, happy, relaxed. If I see smiling faces on the dance floor, my balance is perfect, I feel I can bond with people through my music, we go to a journey together where no one has been before and when we get back, we’ll all be happier.

Yes! Let’s do this! 🙂

Tune into the launch of Lovedust on March 15 @ 10AM EST [convert timezone] and join in on the experience, or listen on-demand any time after the premiere.

Get ready by diving into his Artist of the Week mix right now:

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