Pedro Mercado and Na Te Unify Global Sounds with Nomadland

R.A. Bakr

Pedro Mercado, together with not only his musical counterpart but his real-life partner, Na Te, takes us on a journey to a world within a world with their new show Nomadland. Hailing from Belgium, seasoned artist Pedro Mercado, brings a unique musical blend of house and techno to the scene as he describes as his personal blend of “organic melodic house, afro and progressive house with ethereal techno”. While Na Te, on the other hand, brings a sexy-hedonistic bohemian flair mixed with shamanic and spiritual influences.

We are all nomads, traveling continuously through different places in our lives, evolving both physically & mentally, and of course also musically which brings us back to the first point”, explains Pedro.

Nomadland represents more than just a radio show to the producing duo. It personifies a unified world through global music influences combining melodic house with strong oriental, ethnic, shamanic, tribal-nomadic ingredients.

Premiering November 23rd and embarking every fourth Monday thereafter @ 4pm EST you can catch Nomadland right here on FRISKY.

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FRISKY News caught up with Pedro and gained some insight into his creative world as we discussed production methods and industry challenges.

What is your production process like? And what keeps you inspired?

I listen to electronic music as much as I can, checking around 500 new releases every week and listening daily to demos for my label Chrom Recordings. By doing this for more than 20 years, inspiration comes by itself. It’s really not that complicated.

Do you think there are unique challenges and rewards to producing?

There are both. In the first place I’m a DJ, but by having my own releases and remixes – and now also my own label Chrom Recordings, helps me to get more better gigs all over the world. As for rewards, each connection with the local crowd is a unique & magical experience!

What keeps you excited about creating and working with music?

Pedro Mercado and Na Te

Music is my life, I often feel I’m born for it, it’s my destiny. It gives me all the energy I need. If the music stops, then probably my heart will stop beating too.

What are some of your favorite tools in the studio?

I started producing with Cubase and tried Ableton later on. But at the end Cubase works best for me.

What do you hope listeners experience once they tune in?

I hope they get inspired by the music, follow the musical journey and forget about all the rest.

If you could change one thing about today’s electronic music industry, what would it be and why?

There are a lot of things that could be better. I think I could even write a whole book about it (laughs). But to keep it short and without going too much into detail, I think we as independent artists need to go back to smaller venues, more underground, less commercial with more real and passionate talented artists and less marketing products behind the decks.

Outside your music career, what do you like to do for fun? And what makes you really happy?

Music is my life, but next to that I also love sports. Especially watching football & cycling on TV and playing tennis myself. I also love travelling which is pretty convenient as a DJ. And I love animals, especially cats.

Thankfully, 2020 is coming to an end. What is coming up for you that you are excited about?

Well, 2020 was definitely the hardest year so far for many. With Covid controlling our daily life in general, and nightlife in particular. What I missed the most of course is my DJ gigs. So, hopefully I can perform live again in clubs and at festivals worldwide once this virus will be under control.

Thank you so much for taking time with me and FRISKY. Before we wrap-up our interview, do you have any final thoughts?

Of course, I hope the listeners will enjoy Nomadland and in general, I hope we can all stay healthy and dance together again soon!

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