Celebrate a Decade of Passage with Hassan Rassmy & DenKo

Lauren Krieger

With their latest episode, Hassan Rassmy and DenKo reached their 10 year anniversary of Passage on FRISKY

Separated by distance, with Hassan Rassmy located in Egypt and DenKo in Greece, the duo has been working together to bring their show Passage to the rest of the world for a decade. With each representing their own perspective on the music, Passage is a unique show which combines the efforts of two DJs to share one message. Featuring a blend of Underground sounds of deep and melodic Progressive, House, and Techno, Hassan Rassmy and DenKo intertwine their styles to create two hours of music that makes you dance, think, and feel. Get to know a little more about them and their show, as we celebrate 10 years of Passage on FRISKY.

What is the most important thing for you to share through Passage?

Hassan Rassmy: Sharing music that I love, created by super talented producers from all around the world, some of them are well known already and the others are working on building it up.

DenKo: First of all the most important thing in the show is the feeling me and Hassan also wanna share with our listeners. My love for this scene through some great productions and my personal style mixing this music.

What have been some of your personal musical or life highlights in the last 10 years?

H: Changing my career would be a highlight for both, as it’s related to audio production/music/radios/studios.

D: Some highlights through these 10 years are for sure the birth of my two sons, the first Passage show on Frisky, an Artist of the week appearance for me, some gigs here in Athens and the beginning of Deepsessions Recordings, supporting my good friend Athan back in those days.

Has anything changed in the way you approach your show now, from the way you did in the beginning?

H: Yeah definitely, I’m always experimenting with all the new things i keep learning everyday, so it surely affects the way i approach the show.

D: I think my approach for the show is still the same with the beginning and I believe Hassan might have the same opinion.

We want to make people happy with the music we play.

The only think that changed is that we got some more often appearances at the Top 10 and that make us wanna play even better stuff.

Do you have a favorite episode?

H: It’s usually the one that makes it to the top 10.

D: I love every episode I played. All productions in it where fantastic, all from great artists. If I got to choose one I would choose the one I played on 10-5-2010 full of Oldskool tracks from 1990 and 1991. [Listen now!]

What does the Passage show mean to you?

H: “The Passage” really means a lot to me, a portal that it keeps growing/developing by time.

D: The Passage means a lot for me. It makes me relax and clear my mind from the daily routine and also lets me express myself through the music. The Passage is also a connection for me with the rest of the world, I made a lot of friends because of it and I’m very glad for this.

What are you looking forward to for the next 10 years of music?

H: Got so many plans in progress for the next 10 years, applying all the things I learned and will be learning in creating new musical ideas & projects.

D: This last question is a bit complicated. First of all I wanna see Hassan becoming a great producer & travel all around the world to play music and also keep the show active. I wanna see DJs playing again without controllers, without ready built tracklists. I wanna see the producers playing more like DJs than playing like musicians. I want to keep seeing good tracks out there.

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