Panama’s DJs take us deep into their electronic music scene on FRISKY Loves Panama

Lauren Krieger

Join us as we explore Panama’s underground in the latest from the FRISKY Loves series!

The next destination in the FRISKY Loves series takes us to Panama, where a group of the country’s most dedicated underground DJs are ready to share their unique perspectives on electronic music. As “The Crossroads of the Americas” Panama has much to offer their residents and visitors alike. The tropical weather, diverse population, beautiful landscapes, and rich culture all combine to create a distinct and enjoyable atmosphere.

Representing Panama’s music scene is five passionate DJs: Charlotte S, DJ Arthur C, Voiceless, Carlos Barbero, and Tony H. Each has had experience navigating the local dance music scene; their eclectic production and mixing style that covers the deep, tech, and progressive avenues of sound have evolved with their audiences and kept their music flowing.

To go deeper into Panama’s music, we caught up with Charlotte S and Voiceless:

What is the greatest thing about Panama’s underground electronic music scene?

Charlotte S: I consider that the greatest part of this is the people who book artists are doing their best to expose the music at shows and supporting local talents.  It’s been amazing lately they’ve been booking so many world class acts for such a small country like us, the scene has been growing and there is also more chance for any dj here to get gigs as underground music gets popular, I’m impressed to see that more and more people are getting into it compared to how it was a few years ago.

Voiceless: The greatest thing about the underground scene is the support that most djs give each other, from parties, to releases, to almost everything a dj/producer will do.

Do you think there are unique challenges that you face as a DJ in Panama?

Charlotte S: I’ve been a dj for almost 7 years now and also been lucky to be able to play at the best clubs and venues here.  But I don’t get to play as often as I’d like to, since the edm scene here is bigger than the underground is a little bit harder for me to get gigs but I try!

It would be great if everyone was more supportive with djs!
But like they say, hard work pays off!

Voiceless: Possible one of the challenges is that most of the djs groups/associations are a bit closed to new djs. Usually it takes you to make a bit of your name, so they start to accept you; but once you pass that stage, it’s all easier.

Where are the best places to go see electronic music?

Charlotte S: La Buat is one popular place to see underground artists and locals too they always have awesome shows and the club is in front of the sea.

It’s in a place called Casco Viejo where the nightlife is now and you can go to many more places.

Gatto Blanco, Villa Agustina and Teatro Amador are also great places to go!

Voiceless: Personally, I always recommend Teatro Amador and La Buat located in Casco Antiguo at the sides of the capital city; there is always great quality in the shows in those places.

What is one of your favorite memories (as a DJ or in the crowd) from a show in Panama?

Charlotte S: It was in 2012 when I played at this huge event that was on tv too and there was like 1k people and when i finished playing I was so happy to receive so many compliments for my set.

I played for like 2 – 3 hours and people wanted me to keep playing it was such a great experience.

My last experience in the crowd was last Saturday when I got to see Tale of Us the place was like in the woods and the set was amazing.

Nina Kraviz & Bjarki are playing this month too and I can’t wait!

Voiceless: One of my favorite memory as crowd was being able to enjoy Lee Burridge performance at The Day After festival at the Beatport stage; the connection made with the journey of sounds that he played was out of this world.

What can we expect to hear on FRISKY Loves Panama?

Charlotte S: My friends and I got some exclusive mixes with awesome tracks I know people would enjoy as much as we do! Also some of my friends are producers too and they will include their work in their mixes, I only have one track and that will be in my mix too!

I’m happy and thankful for the chance to expose our music on Frisky, there’s so much talent and underrated artists in Panama!

Voiceless: There will be all the best flavors and the best quality of the music being played in the underground scene in Panama.

Hear it for yourself! Tune into the premiere on Saturday February 27th beginning at 10AM EST [convert timezone]:

FRISKY Loves Panama