Life in Slow Motion with Ozgur Ozkan

Lauren Krieger

Photography as inspiration for music with Ozgur Ozkan

As a DJ and producer, Istanbul’s Ozgur Ozkan transmits a beautiful, hypnotic, and deeply touching sound. With a passion for progressive flow and mystical melodies, listening to his music can instantly transport you into a world of his creation. The energy which Ozgur shares through his music can also be felt through his photography, the visual representation of his personal interpretation of life. More than capturing the scene, he captures the atmosphere, the moment, the mood; his photos transporting you to another time and space that carries with it a story to remember.

Go press play on the latest episode of Ozgur’s Slow Motion, and transport yourself to another place through his music and photography:

Bosphorus, Istanbul – No Words

Bebek, Istanbul – View From the Boat

How did you first start with photography?

My profession is graphic designing for advertising agencies and photographers for fashion and architectural designs, so I was in the studios often. It helped me for my hobby.

Ayvalık, Turkiye – Calm Before the Storm

La Boca, Bs As – Love This City

Are there certain subjects or atmospheres that you enjoy capturing most?

Sunrises and sunfalls and cities that I visited for gigs.

Asian Side, Istanbul – Just Another Sunfall

Kavala, Greece – Life in Slow Motion

ADE, Amsterdam – Beautiful Afterhours

How do you feel your photography relates to your music?

For me it has a good balance between visual and musical arts. Photos are part of an inspiration for creating music.

ADE, Amsterdam – Great Memories

Galata Tower, Istanbul – Chaotic and Lovely City

Buenos Aires – Morning After The Gig

What is important for you to express through your art?

The things that you face in life. Experiencing different cultures, new people, and the feedback from listeners.

Delta Tigre, Bs As – My Fav. Place in Argentina

Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki – The City of Positivity

Moda, Istanbul – A Sunday Sunfall

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