Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – On the Road with Darin Epsilon and Cid Inc

Amber Long

Darin Epsilon and Cid Inc join forces for Perspective’s 50th release

It was so easy to sit across from the two humble men before me, eating airport hummus and checking our watches every so often. It wasn’t because we wanted time to go by faster, it was because Henri Hurtig aka Cid Inc was about to hop on a plane to Playa del Carmen while Darin Epsilon was being kidnapped willingly by some fun-loving Canadians.

If I would’ve thought about how talented Darin and Henri are when I was sitting with them, I may have become a bit star struck, but they keep it cool and I forget they’re ‘famous’ while we’re together.

The night before, at Nest in Toronto, we had a taste of what Darin Epsilon and Cid Inc offer crowds all over the world. You know those duos that aren’t really duos but they should be? It was a treat to see them play their own solo sets and two hours back-to-back.

Toronto is lucky to have seen these two great performers share the same stage, thanks to Ozmozis, and Argentina is soon to see the two in action together again next month.

Darin and Cid meet, from time to time, to join forces and give audiences a real treat. This spectacle of talent isn’t just limited to stages around the world. Darin’s label, Perspectives Digital, has just released its 50th release, featuring two new collaborations between both Darin Epsilon and Cid Inc titled ‘Resistencia’ & ‘Myndie’.

In its first week, it’s charting in Beatport’s Top 100 Progressive House & Techno Tracks & New Releases, not to mention ‘Resistencia’ is firmly planted in the Top 100 overall chart. What a great way to celebrate a landmark release!

‘Resistencia’ is the title track, a Progressive House lover’s dream. An uplifting, synth-laden delicacy, perfectly crafted for any time of night. Inspired by their recent shows in northeast Argentina, ‘Resistencia’ is lush and vibrant, just like the country that invoked it. Apparently it took over 20 tries before the duo was happy with the result.

‘Myndie’ is the Techno treat on the EP, with its round, rolling bassline and driving beat, certain to drive audiences wild. The track came to fruition and was inspired by Cid Inc’s performance at the Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia. It’s nefarious and powerful, ready to demand control of any dancefloor.

Darin has done an amazing job running his well-known label and hundreds of artists have contributed to Perspectives Digital over the past seven years. We’ve come to trust that when we see the PD logo, and before we’ve pressed play, that the sounds will be unique and of exceptional quality.

‘Resistencia’ is the cherry on top of a lot of hard work and it couldn’t be much sweeter. Argentina audiences will be lucky to see these two let their creative sides soar at their upcoming gigs in June:

Jun 10 – Audio – Sao Paolo, Brazil
Jun 16 – Umma – Posadas, Argentina
Jun 17 – The Bow – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jun 19 – Big Sound – Resistencia, Argentina

As much as we can forget how talented these two are when you’re casually in their presence, it’s impossible to forget the impact they have on our underground scene nowadays. It’s always beautiful when brilliant minds unite and sparks fly.

I’m sure this isn’t the last release we get from Darin and Cid but it’s definitely one to have in each of our collections. You’ll catch ‘Myndie’ in my latest mix, acting as a secret weapon.

Darin Epsilon:

Cid Inc:

Listen to Cid Inc on Perspectives now!:

Cid Inc – Perspectives Guest Mix