Olga Misty Creates Space for Solace on FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

Capturing the spirit of progressive, Olga Misty’s mixes take the listener for a ride through light melodies and dark rhythms, emotional interludes and dance floor fillers, all while creating an overarching storyline full of deep and meaningful music. With a passion that began in the late 90’s, DJ influences like Russia’s Garage Sound System project inspired a creative path of discovering and sharing her own perspective on the music. This perspective has evolved over the decades to represent the best of a classic progressive sound brought into today’s underground and shared with the intention of taking listeners to a place of peace and magic.

You can hear her long-lasting love for the music through her guest mixes on several FRISKY shows since 2011, including FRISKY Loves Russia, X-Chrome, Labyrinth, Voice of Nature, and Artist of the Week. Now she will be creating a space all of her own with the premiere of Solace, starting on Wednesday July 1st at 1 PM EST [convert timezone].

Learn more about Olga Misty before the premiere of Solace:

Olga Misty

What was your first introduction to electronic music? 

My first meeting with electronic music took place during my school years through FM radio. It was near the end of the 90s, and the “Garage.FM” radio show on the “Europa Plus” radio station was a real discovery for me; every Friday night was a special occasion. By that time I already had an impressive collection of cassettes with a variety of music, but electronic music took a special place in my heart from then on! 

Who were some of the DJs who influenced you at the beginning of your career? What do you think makes them special? 

One of the first influencers was the Garage Sound System project; it’s a DJ trio: Suhov, Viper and Polina. Each of them introduced to the audience their unique and favorite direction; house, progressive house, trance, breaks, tech house, minimal and techno. They were made up of more than a generation of professional musicians and DJs from Russia and the CIS.

I discovered DJ Griff and his 10 episodes of Deepest Level radio show on Frisky dated from 2000 to 2005, and they still remain my favorite mixes of all time.

Over the years many great DJs have influenced me such as Sasha and Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Anthony Pappa, Harry Lemon, Pole Folder, Retroid, Yvel & Tristan, Deepsense, Mewel and many, many others. I am still discovering and learning always, but the classic progressive sound is always in my heart.

What makes all these DJs special? In my opinion they have an amazing perception of music and art in building sets. Each time it is a magical exciting journey, evoking amazing emotions!

What has been one of your favorite moments on the dance floor? 

Since I started attending the ADE Amsterdam Dance Event festival, there have been countless magic moments.

But before that were some special memories like John Digweed in 2009 played a wonderful set at Arma17 in Moscow. It felt like he held the dance floor and did whatever he wished with it.

And also the set of Jody Wistennoff in 2016 at the Volta Club in Moscow, when there was a feeling of complete unity between the audience and the DJ.

What about on the other side of the decks? Do you have a favorite DJ moment? 

My most magical moment on the other side of the decks is connected with my first gig in Amsterdam, named Another world in RLGC44 club. It was incredible! I felt complete unity with the audience on the dance floor. I don’t know how to describe this feeling in words, but it was magical. Music and positive energy makes miracles.

What do you think is your most important role as a DJ? 

DJing for radio and DJing for the dance floor are two different things. On the dance floor, it’s important for me to be open to the moment and the crowd and share positive energy. On the radio it’s important to share music that you can listen to, feel and understand. But for both, the most important thing for me is to tell a unique story that takes people on a journey. Paraphrasing one of my friends – the DJ is a shaman, which allows the audience to enjoy the music in full.

Is there a particular style or sound that you enjoy the most? 

My main style is progressive house. In my opinion this is one of the richest musical palettes as a genre, the colours of which can be absolutely incredible from deep to dark. It has everything – emotions, energy, tenderness and strength, love and sadness, and many, many more different emotions. All these things together have always fascinated me in this genre, and it’s always great to mix with other equally beautiful genres that cross over and blur boundaries.

What is the Moscow underground scene like? What do you like or dislike about it?

In Moscow, as in a large megalopolis, the underground scene is very diverse. In my opinion the main scene belongs to techno and tech house. Progressive house doesn’t have a dominant position, but fortunately there have always been many interesting events. 

In the Moscow scene I like the different interesting and creative events, but I don’t like the approach of clubs to selectivity. In other countries the rules for entering to most clubs are much more democratic.

But now we are all waiting for what the post-quarantine period will bring and everyone hopes for the best!

Besides music, what else are you passionate about? 

Recently I have been forced to get involved in work mostly, because I’m a lawyer in the independent mass media and advertising and it has been crazy busy!

Besides music, when I have free time it belongs to my love of traveling, photography, painting and art, history and many more different hobbies.

What are you looking forward to about launching Solace? Can you share with us some of your intentions for the show and what the FRISKY audience can expect to hear? 

I thought about a name for a long time, but then Solace came suddenly, like an insight, and it is reflecting the essence of the forthcoming show.

It represents music as solace, consolation, a parallel magical universe which is a refuge from the sometimes harsh reality of everyday life. 

I hope Solace radio show will bring Frisky listeners wonderful stories about traveling to this magical universe through my love of progressive house and related beautiful styles.