Nishan Lee Introduces a New Avenue for Advancing the Underground with Audiosolo on FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

With over two decades of involvement in various realms of the music industry, Nishan Lee has developed a distinctive sound that is evidence of his diverse experiences and a continuous passion for what he does. Born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Nishan has brought his local scene on the map through his love for the music and dedication to bringing people together through its emotional power. Working with new talent and elite artists alike, Audiosolo has been an avenue for Nishan to create memorable experiences through “premium underground events” which take audiences to deeper level.

While his work behind the scenes and behind the decks is a driving factor in Nishan’s life, his story would not be complete without mentioning the music he has brought to life through his productions. Deep, emotional music which captures the essence of the golden era of Progressive with a modern, fresh perspective, his continuous flow of releases on labels such as Soundteller Records, Stellar Fountain, onedotsixtwo, Juicebox Music, Balkan Connection, Stripped Digital, and many more are continually supported by the most renowned DJs in the underground world while topping industry charts.

From these multiple avenues, Nishan Lee’s music has altered not only Sri Lanka’s scene, but the global underground electronic music landscape as a whole. Now he will be adding yet another avenue to his story, one which captures his passion for bringing people together around the world, showcasing new talented artists, and connecting souls through deep musical journeys: Audiosolo on FRISKY.

Premiering November 19th at 9 AM EST / 7:30 PM Colombo [convert timezone], Audiosolo is designed “to tell a story, to lead listeners on a journey across genres, to find joy and meaning in their lives.” Tune in live or listen anytime after on-demand with FRISKY Premium.

Learn more by diving in with Nishan Lee:

Nishan Lee

What are you putting your energy towards lately within the music? Is there something that you are currently enjoying doing the most?

I mostly listen to new music, mixes, labels to make my mind full of knowledge about the music; but it’s a game with the time mostly. So I mostly spend my best energy with the priceless time to get inspired by the fresh mood and the peaceful mind to be with the music. 

Mostly I enjoy producing my own style of house music with the different but unique hypnotic taste. The real happiness is of applying the whole energy of my thoughts and my inner soul to the vibration sounds. That is the most favourite thing I mostly like to be with. 

How would you say your approach or feeling towards the music has changed since you began? How has it stayed the same?

I have begun my journey with more than 20 years of experiences in this industry. And that path awakened the taste for the art of electronic music producing and DJing increased my fond of music. Moving with this music of all generations really keeps me alert with all the developing house genres and it makes me more comfortable. It is the real progress of my music career of taking new and different opportunities with the best experiences since I entered into this field. As a DJ what I believe is playing good music, which I love to get people to dance on the floor from their heart, is the most amazing thing a good artist or a music producer can do. The improvements always have leveled up with the quality and standard that I always maintained according to my style of music. Happy to say my experiences have gifted me the good strength.

What has been the most challenging part of your career?

Time! When the music is my priority; I can’t afford to waste time elsewhere. The most successful producers I have been worked with and have seen made music a priority. So our work and social lives were designed in a way that optimized our time for music and I want nothing more than to invest a peaceful time into my passion for music with all my good energy.

Even though finding the time and energy more on music is a tuff task, especially when there is a family to support. I always use all my energy for the process of perfectly balanced production. Especially to create more tasteful and unique music with all the challenges.

What has been one of your proudest moments?

This entire journey is a kind of thing for me to cherish with humbly about myself. I honestly am proud of my own strength and determination in the many stages I passed through this industry. Not only that; There were many certain moments I really proud about the career I prefer when I’m sharing the most amazing time with my most favourite DJs, Producers and Artists in this big stage of music. The one of that great moment is the time I spent with the many great musicians at Amsterdam Dancing Event.

What are your greatest motivations or inspirations when it comes to producing and DJing?

My own simple and attractive motivational philosophy of the DJ is “The Journey and The Energy”. I always keep that unique and special pulse for all DJ Sets and my productions as well. The greatest motivation and the inspiration of the passion of my music from this industry is the most powerful, talented and humble artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, John Digweed, Guy J and many more…

Nishan Lee

Are there underlying messages or stories you like to tell people through your music?

What I apply for most of my music is my deep natural inner thoughts which I mostly prefer to blend them with the hypnotic feelings and breathtaking vibrations that smoothly touch the mind of all the people who love to listen to house music.

Is there anything new you are working on you can share with us?

Lots of new music has already been confirmed for 2020. Stay in touch with my social media networks for new releases and updates. 

What would you like listeners to know about your new show on FRISKY?

The show name is ‘AUDIOSOLO’ and it’s allowing people from all over the globe to connect via underground house music and creating an attachment with each other souls. The show doesn’t really specify a genre, it’s a journey that’s just really reflective of unique and positive vibe. AUDIOSOLO place new music in the context of great new talents and influences; to tell a story, to lead listeners on a journey across genres, to find joy and meaning in their lives.

The music on offer is consistently electronic and high quality. For example, exploring quality house music from around the globe with each episode focusing on new talents and support each other’s talents. 

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