Nila Spreads his Sound through Simulation

Lauren Krieger

Nila introduces his new show Simulation, featuring an evolved progressive & techno blend.

As a long time lover of the music, Nila has been transmitting his own established sound through his flowing progressive and tech-tinged mixes and productions. Currently operating from his home base of Auckland, New Zealand, Nila’s story began in Edinburgh in the early 90’s, where the groundbreaking styles of DJs like Dave Angel, Sasha, Carl Cox and Jeff Mills inspired him to pursue his own place in the scene. After a hiatus, Nila has been back full force, releasing tracks on labels like A Rec, Krafted Underground, Pro B Tech Music, ICONYC, Suffused Music, Keep Thinking Music, and many more, and producing mixes for dozens of online radio stations. He’s also made several appearances on FRISKY, twice as a guest on Pro-B-Tech Radio, on Feelin FRISKY, and for the Get FRISKY with Selador competition.

On the live side, Nila has been representing the Auckland scene with gigs at Sonorous (opening for Guy Mantzur, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo and others), Shipwrecked, and support for Nick Warren on the horizon. With his decades of dedication and persistent passion for the music, Nila is perfectly poised to continue to make an impact on the underground. His new show Simulation on FRISKY is great opportunity to showcase all that has been and all that is to come. Tune into the premiere on October 15th @ 9PM EST (October 16th @ 2PM in Auckland) [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere with FRISKY Premium & FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Get to know Nila before the launch:

This has seemed like a busy year for you, can you share some of your highlights from this year, and what you’ve been working on?

Hi Lauren, yeah I have had a few things going on since the start on 2018. Most memorable gigs have been the NYE Aum festival where I played in the house/Tech I tent, a great vibe across the whole festival and really well produced.

Sonorous was another exception gig where I got to open the main stage for Guy Mantzur, Dave Seaman, James Zabiela and Hernan Cattaneo.

Production wise I have had a few releases this year also and have been lucky to get my music out on labels such as Pro B Tech Music, Krafted Underground, Hydrogen Inc, ICONYC, Awen Records, Manmademusic. I have also been asked to do a few remixes which has been fun.

Between all the aspects of the music that you are involved in, what do you enjoy putting your energy towards the most?

For me it’s a combination of DJjng out and producing. I have been DJing since I was 16 so it kind of comes pretty naturally to me now, and I still love it. Production on the other hand is something I have to work hard at and I feel I’m just starting to find my own sound which is cool, still lots to learn though!

Going back a bit, I’d love to hear about the mid-90’s Edinburgh scene. Can you share some of your experiences and favorite moments from that era?

Yeah that’s going back a bit hey? I was a bedroom DJ for years where I’d go round to my mate’s house and we’d just spin tunes for hours on end. I eventually got my own decks and that was all I did!

I played at a few house parties one year and was randomly approached by a couple who wanted to start a new night and they asked me to headline it.

So I had a residency with them at a club called Up which led to me playing at numerous other clubs in Edinburgh/Glasgow including The Liquid Rooms, La Belle Angele, Honeycomb, The Vaults, Studio 24 and The Venue. I also had a bit of radio play on Beat 106.

How do you think that those days have influenced your music style today?

Massively really in terms of the way I play and the sounds I’m producing. I had this thing where I always tried to mix for as long as I could with two records playing for 3-4 mins. This has really shaped the way I try to blend my mixes these days even when using the sync button… yep I said it. 🙂

I have always had a soft spot for hypnotic, trance or progressive like music. That was after having played banging techno and acid music for a long while. It’s the combination of progressive house and techno I still love playing and producing now.

If the “Nila” sound was known for one thing, what would you want that to be?

Intelligent progressive house/techno.

How do you think your music reflects your personality and philosophies?

I think there is some connection there. I’m always trying to improve my production and sound design skills and seeking overall improvement on my previous productions/performance. I’d like to think this carries over to my general mind set about self improvement.

Simulation is such a great name for the show, was it inspired by the Simulation Theory? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 😉

Thanks and yeah, a little bit although didn’t think about it too deeply, I’d get lost otherwise! Mainly the idea is the creation of something already in my mind.

What are your goals with the monthly show?

Really to delivery quality shows where I can give the listen a bit of journey, cliché I know but true. Would also be nice to build up a bit of a following of course.

What else is coming up for you that you are excited about?

On the gig side of things, the most notable one I have coming up is is supporting Nick Warren and his long awaited return to NZ on the 26th Oct 18 at Collude.

Production wise, I have a few things in the pipeline including some originals and remixes. I have also been doing a bit of collaboration work with my good mate Triggs which is coming together.

I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next! 🙂

Tune into the premiere of Simulation on October 15th @ 9PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.