Niki McNally joins FRISKY DEEP with Reflections premiere

Lauren Krieger

Bringing her underground sound to FRISKY DEEP, Niki McNally launches Reflections

DJing around the top NYC venues since 2002, Niki McNally truly understands and exemplifies the deep underground sound. While spinning and holding residencies at clubs such as Pacha, The Sullivan Room, Verboten, and Le Souk, Niki has been gaining fans for years with her spaced out, melodic, and hypnotic grooves that move smoothly along an engrossing journey from beginning to end. Her style caught the attention of musicians like Nadia Ali & Kelli Ali (Sneaker Pimps) and Sophie Barker (Zero 7, Bliss) who she has given her unique remix treatment to. Working out of her New York studio with John Selway, Niki continues to hone and perfect her skills as a DJ and Producer, always pursuing her passion and driving into deeper sounds.

With two fantastic guest mixes on 2DC+1, Niki McNally will be now bringing her music to her own show on FRISKY DEEP, starting with the premiere of Reflections on July 14th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone].

We caught up with her to find out how it all started (it’s a great story!) & where it’s going next:


Tell us about your journey as a musician? From where did all this start?

My journey began in the womb I suppose. I had a genetic predisposition to become a musician. My grandfather is a classically trained jazz pianist, mom plays the guitar, and my aunt is a singer. Interestingly enough, when I was a child, my subconscious mind left me hints as to what my future would look like.

Around the age of five, I began having reoccurring dreams. In one of my dreams, a boogie monster was chasing me while Gloria Estefan’s “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” played simultaneously. In the other dream, I remember being in a small room, with lights, screens buttons and knobs. Many years later, when I entered my first recording studio, I realized the room in my dreams looked surprisingly similar to the recording studios I spend most of my waking days in and I think its fair to say the rhythm has got a strong hold on me.

I spent my entire life chasing down music and in 2002, I decided to get a pair of turntables. By 2005, I had regular appearances in some of NYC top music-minded clubs such as Le Souk (Ave B), Cielo, Pacha, The Rivington Hotel, The Highline Ballroom, SRB & more. I’ve also held residences in Buddha Bar, Le Souk, WIP, Sullivan Room & Verboten.

Who is your biggest source of inspiration in the music industry? What inspires you to write music or design sets?

niki2I can’t name a biggest source of inspiration as there are many. I grew up collecting the Global Underground, Nu Breed, Balance, Fabric, DJ Kicks & Back to Mine series. When I first started out, I drew a lot of inspiration from my favorite mixes. Keep an eye on my track listings for artists I aspire to.

I like many different styles of music. I grew up listening to hip-hop and R&B. Then, I ventured into rock and finally around 13, I discovered house and techno and I fell in love. Some of my favorite band influences include: Massive Attack, Portishead, Lamb, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Talvin Singh, Pixies, & Joy Division.

What should we, as an audience, expect from the show? Will it be the extended version of your club gigs?

For the most part, I play differently in the club then I would for a radio mix or podcast. I tend to lean more artistic for the latter. Reflections 001 is a bit harder than my usual as it just so happened to turn out that way.

I endeavor to create a vibe that encourages others to reflect and think deep as I take them through a two-hour journey of some of the greatest deep tunes I can find. Also, most of my sets will reflect current social, political and environmental issues. The featured genres will be deep house, deep tech house, deep techno and electronica.

Are you currently working on any new project(s)?

Currently, I am working on my bachelor degree in music production at Full Sail University. I have one year left and my GPA is 3.89 so, I am 100% focused on keeping my grades up and becoming a better producer and musician. I also spend a lot of time working in my home studio and with my production partner John Selway. I have quite a few original projects in the works.

List the top 3 tracks regularly featured on your sets?

I have some heavy rotators that never leave my side. I can’t name three but here are my top five.
1) I Lost My Shoes On Acid – Red
2) Oldschool, Baby (Piano Mix) Westbam Nena
3) Contemplation (King Britt Funke Remix) Josh One
4) Contemplation – Ejeca
5) Bicep – Just


 You will definitely want to tune into this! Catch the premiere on June 14th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] and go DEEP:

Niki McNally – Reflections