Nicolas Ruiz

Nicolas Ruiz Makes Music for the Moment with Radiance

Lauren Krieger

A well-developed DJ is evidence of years filled with a variety of experiences, with dedication and passion always driving their direction. Nicolas Ruiz truly exemplifies this role; from his start at 14 years old DJing for his friends, to winning a DJ competition which put him onstage at Switzerland’s giant Street Parade Festival, he has continuously followed the guidance of the music.

Currently living in Argentina, Puerto Rican Nicolas Ruiz has left his mark on the underground electronic music world, where his ability to tune into crowds with a charismatic and captivating style has pulled in audiences around the globe. Thriving on connecting with dance-floors and listeners, his passion for DJing and producing has kept him going through the various stages of his career. Today, his releases on labels like Renaissance, Hope Recordings, Dopamine, Stellar Fountain, and Sprout keep Nicolas’ productions in demand in the underground, while frequent gigs at places like Bahrein and Niceto in Argentina and his home venue Mantra in Puerto Rico continuously build his fanbase.

With a blend of Tech & Progressive House that draws you into the moment, Nicolas’ FRISKY Guest DJ mixes [Listen to his Artist of the Week set now] have represented the music that drives him while displaying that well-rounded sound that has come from a dedication to his dreams. Launching his new show on FRISKY Radiance, Nicolas will continue to share his experiences while he takes us into his world with every episode. Catch the premiere on Monday, August 5th at 5 PM EST [convert timezone] or listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium.

Before the beginning, dive into the depths of Nicolas Ruiz:

Nicolas Ruiz

What is going on in your world lately? Is there anything you are particularly excited about? 

Right now I’m living in Buenos Aires, but I’m thinking of going back to Misiones for a while. I’m a guy that likes the quiet and nature. For now, I will continue with the dates I have here in Buenos Aires, and I have a couple of dates to DJ as well in the rest of the country. My world is always changing, I don’t like to be a long time in the same place, I have a couple of ideas of things to do, places to be.

I’m very excited about love, family, nature, and music. I think it’s great that there are thousands of people doing incredible thing everywhere in the world and that they can share it on apps, that’s what’s great about technology and of social media, we are very far away from people but at the same time very close.

Are you currently focusing on certain areas in your career? Is there something you’d like to do more of?

I’m working with the agency Belongto in Buenos Aires, we are a couple of producers and DJs of Buenos Aires working there, I’m very comfortable working with them, its a great experience.

What I would like to do more of is my own music, this year I had a couple of new tracks out, I presented my remix ‘7.5 Loffel Sugar’ with the seal Dopamine Music, this track was used in a couple of events by Hernan Cattaneo in Normndice Club in Mexico- BNP – Cordoba, Metrotoopfloor – Buenos aires, Akvarium – Budapest , Bar Standard – Denver and so many others.

What have been some of your favorite moments from your year so far? 

I’m a very simple person, each time I have an event I know the night will be amazing, it’s hard to say which one was the best. It depends a lot on the vibe of the people attending the show, when I look up from the booth and I see people enjoying what I do, it fills me with happiness, I enjoy it a lot. Some of the greatest events of this year where BPM in Posadas Misiones next to Mariano Mellino and Ernesto Tosh, La Galeria in Bariloche next to Nicolas Navarro, Shamrock in Buenos Aires next to Eanp, Adom and F;M Belongto. Bahrein in Buenos Aires as well with 31Productions, in Corrientes next to Baunder Underconstruccion Productions

I read that you started DJing at 14, what was it that first got you into the music?

I was very young but I knew then what were the things that I liked. It was almost like a game with friends, we used to play in nightclubs in my town (Mantra, Puerto Rico), there was already an essence there and the style of electronic music. Already then I liked that style of music, the composition, the energy it gives, the way it connects with the public in such a special way. All the qualities of this music made me want to dedicate myself full time to this profession at the age of 18.

My passion with this music comes from all the music I heard at such a young age, I used to listen to Soda Stereo, Depeche Mode, The killers, Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, and many others. They gave me the inspiration to be who I am today.

Nicolas Ruiz DJ

What were some of those first gigs like? Is there anything you miss about that time? 

The first gigs were made in between friends, the pressure I felt then was more than anything to make them enjoy the night. After I started getting proposals to do gigs in Posadas, the capital of my province. And then I think I started realizing that it was my job and that I will do this forever. I used to play in friends houses, I always used to say yes because I loved what I was doing.

I do miss those simpler times, im very lucky because Mantra is always open for me, i get to play there twice or three times a year, and then all my friends come and it feels like we went back in time, where everything started.

Winning the DJ competition to play at the Street Parade festival sounds like an incredible experience – can you give us some insight into what that was like? What was the best part about it for you? 

That was, without a doubt, one of the most important things when I was starting. First, it was really hard to see how big it actually was, then as the moment was getting closer I started to realize that this event could actually mark my history.  What can I say, I was in front of thousands of people, and it’s then that I knew that I had to let myself go in the music, that it’s what I love and it’s what got me to where I was in the moment.

It was one of the first times that I felt the strong energy, the vibration of the people that where there. In that moment the only thing I did was to enjoy. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, it was the greatest experience of my life.

When I look back, I know that it marked a before and after in my life, im not saying i didn’t change as a person, but i understood that music was something huge something that you can’t measure.

What do you think are the biggest changes in the industry since you began? 

The biggest changes in the industry since I started it’s for sure the technology. Before the consoles where rudimentary, we had to use what we had and thats it. The industry started to adapt itself with the times, nowadays there are more platforms where we can put our music , like Youtube , Spotify and social media. We started getting used to it.  

What are the biggest changes in yourself?

I learned a lot from me, I learned to listen to myself, to understand that when I’m playing I have to connect with people and give them a great time. If they have a great time so do I. Experience gives you that, playing with other DJs allows you to grow and to keep dreaming. If I have to analyze my career I will say it’s like a rollercoaster, it has its great moments and others that are not that great.

What gives you the most thrill as a DJ? What about as a producer?

I get excited by people, the happiness we can give them while in the booth, to know that a track can be heard in a car, in a trip, in a party or even when someone is a bit down it’s what’s to lighten up the mood. It’s exciting that in Argentina, in the middle of an economic crisis, people get every cent they have to be able to pay a ticket to come to see us.

Radiance is such a great show name, can you tell us more about your thoughts behind what this show will be for you and what listeners can expect?

Each show it’s a surprise, this one special has a lot of energy. It’s going to be a show with amazing music, celestial very linear. At the same time a bit hypnotic and with a beautiful groove. It’s something that I will show in every set for this show. The listeners can expect incredible new music of a lot of producers that are my friends as well as new ones that will be showing.

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