Nicko Izzo shares music and memories from 20 years of La Terrrazza

Lauren Krieger

Nicko Izzo on his and Nick Warren’s special release La Terrrazza anniversary album.

Barcelona club La Terrrazza has been celebrating their 20 year anniversary this year, an amazing accomplishment for a unique underground electronic music venue. I spoke with the club’s owner about the essence of La Terrrazza this Summer (Peace, Love, and Music at Barcelona’s La Terrrazza), and was excited to hear about all they have done to keep their vibes flowing for decades. To celebrate their achievement, La Terrrazza released a special anniversary album, mixed by favorite DJs and FRISKY residents Nick Warren and Nicko Izzo, who put together two excellent mixes filled with deep tracks and flowing energy. Each is distinctive yet similar in sound, transporting you to the La Terrrazza dance floor with light rhythms, hypnotic vocals, and seamless transitions. The album was a gift to those who attended the end of the Summer event, but there are 5 copies available to those who participate in the drawing. Leave a message on the Facebook page and enter to win!

I caught up with long time La Terrrazza DJ Nicko Izzo to talk about his experiences at the club and what it means to be a part of their story:

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How did you get involved with La Terrrazza?

I was living in Barcelona since 2000, working in music and playing in bar, small club. Having a residency in a beach club give me some amazing memories. In 2005, I know one of LaTerrrazza’s owners and I brought up the idea of working together for some parties at Terrrazza – so I did with some of my friends, like Danny Howells, James Zabiela, Darren Emerson, Lee Burridge, to name a few. We did two summers which were both a huge success. We did not stop there! Soon from there, I started my residency with the club and it has been an incredible 10 year experience. I have a long history with LaTerrrazza and many incredible memories.


What is one of your favorite memories from performing there?

I have so many! Hmmm I would have to say that among my favourites is when Danny Howells came the first time I bring him, was an incredible party, I have many moments of that night.

It was the golden ages, really all that happened there was absolutely magical and unique.

What do you think has kept La Terrrazza running strong for 20 years?

It is a club that has always maintained a particular style. Musically it has a story and an amazing level of artists, about that was among one of the 10 most important clubs in the world. It is also a magical place as the Poble Espanyol, an old place of 1920.

So, whole set of things; the people, the music, THE VIBE makes the place really have a unique magic and you really feel this when you are there. I remember in 2001, in Terrrazza, I was seeing Deep Dish, around 8am I stopped for a moment and looked around, and just fell in in that incredible moment.


What was the inspiration behind your mix for the anniversary album?

I had the incredible Honour of making the compilation of the 20 years for the club, and to do so with an incredible artist, legend and great friend it was a complete joy. This Compilation I did with a mixture of styles with lovely melodies in harmony. It was a hard busy time in study, but we are very happy at the end.

What projects or tours do you have coming up?

Well, I finished a busy summer in Europe. and now I have a big tour in South America with my new album. Also I have several projects underway to Jan / Feb (summer in South America), a new project “NickoIzzo & Friends” where I will have a residence and bring great artists and friends to play with me. Will be a very strong summer! – There are amazing things coming, projects for March in Miami and already working for the summer 2016 in Europe. I have no respite, but I’m very happy and grateful to be without a single free minute.

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Thank you Nicko!

Be sure to tune into his show Closure, and get a feel for his unique and stylish sound:

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