What are Nick Muir’s Top Tracks?

Lauren Krieger

At the launch of his new Mirror Walk / In the Room EP, Nick Muir gives us insight into his favorite tracks.

Nick Muir’s role shaping the sound of underground electronic music cannot be overstated. His musical prowess, passion for rhythm, and love for producing has created decades of exceptional music that not only defined an era, but has continued to influence the progressive and techno soundscape today. His latest release, the Mirror Walk / In The Room EP exemplifies his ability to combine soul touching melodies and deep reaching beats that stand out among the crowd. Fittingly released on Bedrock during their 20 year anniversary, Mirror Walk / In the Room is available today – get your copy now: Beatport

Of course they have been dance floor crushers as they’ve been road tested & approved by Nick Muir & John Digweed themselves:

In order to celebrate the release of this stand out EP, I asked Nick Muir “What are your personal favorite tracks?” With a long list to choose from, it was awesome to see which he chose and why:

Raise (John Digweed & Nick Muir)

A personal favourite, it might not be particularly high profile among the tunes we’ve made but for me it just says it. The sounds, the melody and riffs, the way the drums work – just nice ingredients that come together to make a production that sits right in the pocket.

Airtight (Nick Muir)

Again, it’s a production that just turned out right. It’s luck, you know – you sit down and choose some elements then hone them as best you can to make a tune. If you’re lucky enough to choose the right elements and you’re in the right headspace then you can get something good.

Tangent (John Digweed & Nick Muir)

What I like about this is that it is not too obvious. The way the melodic elements are pieced together; it’s more of a mosaic than a continuous line. Also it sounds like a great example of what happens when John and I make a tune together. He guides the process while I fill in the details. The other thing about this track is that it was mixed by Robert Babicz – we sent him the files and he did the balance at his studio in Germany. This is something we rarely do but it worked great in this case.

Eterna (Slam – John Digweed & Nick Muir remix)

One of the blessings about doing what we do is that you get the chance occasionally to remix amazing tunes that you have loved over the years. This turned out great in my humble opinion. That female vocal warble/sample thing that happens at the front gives me chills every time. It’s a sound I remember hearing in clubs in all sorts of states. Another example of the type of music John and I do well together.

Heaven Scent (John Digweed & Nick Muir)

This is the track that opened the Bedrock label catalogue and has a special place in my heart. I remember John playing this at Heaven when it was out (it made the national chart back in the day) and the crowd let out a roar when the riff came in, like a football/soccer crowd when a goal had been scored. And it had.

Did he list your favorite? Is there another you would include on your list? 🙂

Be sure to pick up your copy of Mirror Walk / In the Room now & listen to the latest episode of his show Floorjam on-demand exclusively on FRISKY:

Nick Muir – Floorjam