Catching Up With Nick Muir Before He Takes Over

Lauren Krieger

Taking over FRISKY’s Instagram on Friday, October 4th, Nick Muir will be giving us a behind-the-scenes look into his recent (and first) trip to India, where the travails of travel were overshadowed by the incomparable magic of dance floor nights done right. His trip to India was only one of many adventures this year, which brought him both back to favorite places and to new destinations. From Australia to Argentina, he’s been making the most of the journeys he’s been taking, experiencing something new with each arrival. Soon he will be heading back to Amsterdam again, where he will be playing at Get FRISKY ADE and doing a live-steam interview at the FRISKY ADE Boathouse.

Press play on his latest Floorjam episode and scroll down to learn more about his 2019 travels and what to expect before the year is done:

Where have you traveled to so far this year? What’s coming up next?

So this year I have played Australia, The Netherlands, Argentina, India, and some smaller events around the U.K.  Next up is ADE in Amsterdam where I’m playing three parties, back to Argentina in November and some other events which haven’t been confirmed yet.

What destinations have been brand new to you?

I’ve never played in, or even been to India before. I’ve been meaning to go for ages so I was really pleased to get there.

Have there been any places that were very different than you expected them to be?

I guess I had a picture of what India would be like and I’m not sure that the reality quite matched my picture. I was quite amazed at how developed and advanced it was. SO much going on in India, really exciting, a fantastic amalgam of an incredibly rich historical culture and technologically advanced nascent superpower.

Do you have any crazy travel stories from your recent journeys?

The last time I played Buenos Aires it was a weekend of freakish weather (there’s a lot of that now, anyone notice??) and it rained heavily the whole weekend. Thankfully everyone braved the weather and I was playing to a full house. I finished on the dot of 7am – when I went retrieve my USB stick with my music on from the decks, I noticed everything was powered down, which I thought was kinda quick. In fact it was at that moment that large parts of South America had one of the biggest power outs in history due to the weather, two minutes after I finished playing! How lucky was that…it was a great night.

What about a favorite moment?

Playing Goa for the first time at the Satellite Beachside, dropping my edit of Silicon Soul ‘Right On!’ and watching the place go off was probably pretty high up the list. Also playing San Luis in Argentina again was wonderful.

Is there a place that’s on your “must-go” list?

I’d love to play the States more than I do, I’ve never played in L.A. and would love to get to San Francisco.

What has been your biggest takeaway from your travels this year?

Biggest take-away? Maybe the Chinese I had with my mate Steve Marx in Sydney haha – no, it’s always the people you get to meet and how important it is to make connections with people who love the same things that you do about the scene. It reminds me what we have in common rather than what separates us.

Thank you Nick! Be sure to follow @nickmuirmusic & @friskyradio to go deeper!