Ronnie Minder on composing music for film & his new show Cinema Episodes

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Ronnie Minder talks about creating music for movies & what to expect from his new show Cinema Episodes.

Whether producing popular dance music or composing scores for internationally released movies, Ronnie Minder always brings a talent and experience that’s difficult to match. With tracks released on over 400 compilations and support by industry giants Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren, Ronnie became a household name around the world. Evolving from that beginning, he began to follow his dream of composing music for movies, scoring his first picture “Purge” in 2010. Since then he has released multiple projects for feature films, documentaries, and Hollywood trailers, his background in dance music and dedication to sound evident in all he has accomplished.

Now he’s heading to the airwaves with the premiere of Cinema Episodes, a show that will be taking the listener on an epic journey through sound. We caught up with Ronnie to talk about writing for movies and what to expect with his new FRISKY show.

Ronnie Minder

If you could create a new composition for any movie, which would you choose?
There are so many but two that immediately come to mind are “Blade Runner” and “Legend” by Ridley Scott. He’s one of my all time favourite directors and composing for one of his films would be an absolute dream come true let alone scoring one of his brilliant classics.

What do you think is the most important quality for an exceptional movie composition?
The movie and the score should go hand in hand. I also think the music shouldn’t overpower the film and it helps to be able to adapt to the film and look of a new project. I also always try coming up with something unique for each score I compose and I enjoy working closely with the director or producer to get the best possible result. I’ve learned a lot working with many talented film makers so far and I love feeding off their ideas and visions.

What is the greatest challenge of composing scores for movies?
The biggest challenge for me in the beginning was the actual sound itself, mixing and mastering right. Having produced dance music for 10 years, composing for films is completely different. With film music it’s not about having the music as loud as possible and compressed to the max. I’m loving the freedom of scoring for films, which I wanted to do since I was a kid. I’m also addicted to learning and find ways to make my music sound better. I am learning with each new score I compose and if you’re comfortable with your music, you’ll learn the rest along the way.


How do you know when a project is finished?
For each movie I compose for, the procedure is pretty much always the same. I create a rough cut of the score and then the producer or director and I send each other notes about what I composed so far. We then discuss each new cut of the score I send through and once both parties are happy about the end product, it’s done.

What can listeners expect to hear on “Cinema Episodes”?

On Cinema Episodes you can expect to hear some of my latest scores and also many of my orchestral, cinematic and trailer cues. I love to compose music in all genres of film including the bigger, bolder and more epic pieces which haven’t found their way into one of my scores just yet. My music is always about taking the listener on a journey and I hope I can just do that with my Cinema Episodes on Frisky Radio.

Tune into the premiere episode on Sunday September 21st at 10AM EST [convert timezone]

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