Nesa Introduces Fresh Sounds On Medium Rare

Lauren Krieger

Nesa brings her diverse musical influence to FRISKY with Medium Rare

Nesa has been impacting the Iranian underground scene in a variety of ways – as a DJ, producer, and musician, as well as through her work running Deep House Tehran. Bringing the essence of the Iranian electronic sound to the rest of the world, Nesa puts incredible thought and energy into sharing the music she loves. Through all that she does, she always keeps the core of that music in mind.

In her DJ sets, her diverse blend of house and techno transmit her personal experience into stories that listeners can relate to. With several guest mixes on FRISKY’s X-Chrome and featured as Artist of the Week, Nesa is no stranger to FRISKY. Now her new show Medium Rare will be bringing all of her influence and impact to the rest of the world every month through her personal and guest mixes. Premiering December 6th @ 10AM EST / 5:30PM Tehran [convert timezone], tune in and experience the fresh sounds of the underground.

Before the premiere, Nesa gives us a behind the scenes look:

What do you love most about electronic music?

The first thing is I’m in love with music, in so many genres like jazz, alternative, electronic & etc… music the most important thing in my life, and I love electronic music because it’s so familiar with my feeling. So as a DJ and producer, playing electronic music makes me so happy and gives me this opportunity to transfer my feelings and energy with my listeners, so this makes this genre more interesting for me than others. As a producer with this kind of music I can transmit my feelings as my sadness or happiness or… to people who listen to my tracks.

What do you look for when discovering new tracks or DJs?

About the tracks I’m choosing, like so many other DJs, I’m listening to so many genre in electronic music and prefer no boundaries, mostly groovy sound with great mood and energy is my first choices, and I want to shift these to my listener. But about DJs, for sure their taste, background and history in music is the first things to choosing them, otherwise, maybe it’s nonsense but their artistic side is so important for me too.

What can listeners expect to hear on your show?

It’s a 2 hours show, and I will play the first hour and my guests will play second hour, which I want to invite from deep house Tehran artists, mostly those who I love their works and are close to mine. The mood of my shows will be something between techno, house and minimal, and I prefer to play mostly tracks with analogue sounds or close to it. I hope the listeners enjoy my shows.

Catch the premiere of Medium Rare on November 1st @ 10AM EST / 5:30PM Tehran [convert timezone] or listen on-demand or offline with FRISKY Apps.

Nesa – Medium Rare