MUUI delivers a deep & memorable experience with live album Escape the Remedies

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: MUUI brings his innovative live performance energy & sound to his premiere live album “Escape the Remedies”.

MUUI’s dedicated approach to the music truly shines in his creative and unique live sets. His ability to continually adapt and adjust to the sound, while maintaining an overall flow and vision, transmits a special experience every time. Taking the opportunity to bring this experience to listeners around the world, MUUI is releasing his first live album “Escape the Remedies”. Inspired by his recent performances and growing interest in exploring the possibilities of live music, MUUI wanted to create an album that not only captured this energy, but also enabled him to share some of the tracks that he had created during these shows.

Offering both a seamless live performance and brand new individual tracks, Escape the Remedies is a complete musical collection that will carry the listener on a carefully designed and adventurous journey.

Comprised of stems forged in the studio, MUUI combines gritty yet polished elements for an overall blend of melodic, deep, and tech atmospheres that seamlessly connect for a mesmerizing story. The album begins with a gentle yet intriguing introduction, while slowly and carefully building from a dark and twisted tech vibe into a deep and hypnotic flow. The slow evolution is impossible not to get lost in, each sound purposefully and creatively placed to keep you involved. It continues to take you for a ride on waves that toss you around through twisting techno before bringing you back to a bouncy and progressive rhythm. Never getting stuck, these waves continue back again into the darkness until ending in a light and hopeful finale. For those who love listening to an integrated album that creates a complete experience from start to finish, “Escape the Remedies” will be a rewarding adventure. After listening, take the opportunity to use MUUI’s fresh tracks in your own mixes and experiment with his twisted sounds.

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MUUI takes us into the creation of “Escape the Remedies”, and gives insight into his live performances:


Do you feel this album is a culmination of the past years or a beginning to a new era?

This album was a project culmination of my recent focus on live performance and exploring the limitations of what can be created and performed live alongside how best to translate ideas from the studio into a live environment.

In some ways the album does mark a new way forward for me in that the focus from here forward with MUUI is on the live aspect and a slightly more focused sound concept; emotive and melodic, whilst my rougher techno sounds will now be released only under Patrik Carrera.

Since I am forever experimenting with sound and not tied to a formative style of writing, this past year I’ve explored a range of varying sounds under the MUUI name, from deep emotive to rough and raw techno, all of which have been received well by different circles and seemed to confused others so the way forward might have some more clarity across the board with all that I’m doing.

MUUI Photo 090I love the title “Escape the Remedies” – was there something in particular that inspired this concept? How do you feel it relates to your music?

Escape the Remedies is more so a thought of mine that does not really embody what this album is solely about but rather embodies my approach to life. A eager curiosity to seek alternative view points and methodologies on all aspects of my life that more often than not seem to steer me far away from the remedies being sold by big business filling for most part an imaginary void, created solely for profit.

What was the greatest challenge in the creation of the album?

Not so much challenges just for the fact they took a lot of energy to complete. Firstly it was choosing the final tracks from the many ideas there were and then secondly turning those stem recordings into singles and trying not to change them too much to keep them as they were recorded. Once the album was recorded, only a few of the tracks were to be made as singles, but I ended up making all the tracks as singles and as they were finished at different times, in different moods, different environments and quite some time after the initial idea was made some of the singles sound different to the versions heard in the continuous live mix.

What do you think is the most important part of a live performance? What is your favorite part?

Preparation. Knowing what you have and what your gear can and can’t do. Same as when preparing for a DJ set and knowing all your music for any situation. When playing live if your well prepared its easier not to firstly get stuck with what to do next or get sucked into this self indulgent bubble ignoring the dance floor and your environment and just getting lost in tweaking a single knob for 25 minutes. The most enjoyable part for me is the hands on aspect of being able to add or minus elements throughout the set and the interactive environment that can build between you and a audience. I also like the the fact that playing only my music live creates a new level of expectation from myself and the challenge to get it right each time, I like the energy this gives me that translates across all that I do from making ideas to playing a show.

What is your favorite gear (digital & physical) to use live and in the studio?

My favorite gear at moment is my modular system and with it have been experimenting with different signal paths with various effects processors. The modular is loads of fun for the studio but not taken this out yet for any live action.

For live it actually changes each time I play depending on what I’ve been doing and using in the studio recently but always I’ll have with me a drum machine, synth, sequencer, effects pedals together with what ever sounds, loops, midi I’m running out of my laptop.

Do you have any advice for other DJ/Producers looking to incorporate more creative live mixing into their sets?

Keep it simple.


Escape the Remedies will be released on Crossfrontier Audio on January 12th. Stay tuned for exclusive samplers!

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