Enter a New Era with DJ Beat2’s Moonphase

Lauren Krieger

It’s always a pleasure to speak with an artist as they launch their new label, the creative energy and passion that has been brewing behind the scenes nearly ready to be released. Catching up with DJ Beat2 as he prepares for the official launch of Moonphase, the feeling is palpable as he shares with us the fuel which drives this exciting new journey. Inspired to create connections by using the moon’s impact on our lives, Moonphase combines musical ideas with an appreciation for the technical side and a vision for releasing a wide range of genres to provide for a variety of listening and playing situations. Knowing that DJ Beat2, whose popular Origin show recently reached its 50th episode, has a talent for curation and an ear for quality underground music, it’s inevitable that his label will feature the same aspects which have defined his own sound.

April 9th will be a special day for DJ Beat2 – featuring both the 51st episode of Origin on FRISKY and the release of the premiere EP for Moonphase: “Remember the Future”.

About MP001:

The maiden EP – Remember The Future is special as it also marks the launch of talented duo from Creative Culture (Colombia), comprising of DJ Dabeat & Juan Pablo who parallelly run their individual musical career. The release is backed by a powerful remix by Producers/DJs, Sahar Z & Interaxxis.

Creative Culture define their EP as ‘Our first album which is inspired by the conjunction of harmony that technology & nature can realise. Evolving through our own experience, nature and technology, we got together making music inspired by environments, experiences, creative trips through the vibrations & imaginations’

Learn more with DJ Beat2, and find out what makes Moonphase a label to look out for in the future:

I understand that this has been a project that has been brewing for a while – how did the initial idea for starting a label come about?

Hey Lauren, hope you’re doing good. Yes you’re right- this project has been brewing for quite some time.

The idea came about from the fact that my earlier label Coalition Music with Sanjay Dutta came to a standstill after I was forced to take a break due to health issues in 2016. Since then we couldn’t really get the Label or the Events going. Last year Sanjay & I mutually decided to move in our own direction and I took over activities of Coalition Music solely under my control.

There was an inner urge within me to take forward the Label activities and I am in a very good space to start fresh both spiritually and musically. No better time to get things going after I have just finished my Golden Jubilee episode with Frisky Radio in March 2020.

DJ Beat2

Can you share the story behind the name and logo for Moonphase? How does the name represent the label?

Ahh that’s interesting. I am very spiritually inclined and practise yoga. I am inclined towards the intriguing mechanics of life and how it functions. This urge took me in various directions and led me into interesting discoveries by experience. If you notice the Moon has a specific power over life on this planet. It’s supposed to be one of our natural satellites. We’re making music to simply connect with more souls in different parts of the globe, hence the best way to tune in was to connect through the moon and the phases it goes through. If you speak to any sound engineer, they will also explain you the importance of phase and frequencies. If you see what we have done with the double O, it’s like a cypher. We have incorporated the symbols of male and female energies we hold sacred which is the source of creation of life. So once I locked down the theme with my friend/ brother Bhavesh Joshi who is helping me with managing the label activities, it was pretty straight forward to get to this name.

So we have connect of the natural satellite to the frequencies and hence ‘MOONPHASE’. Our releases will all be timed with the phases the moon goes through, to tune into the natural upsurge of energy on those days!

What do you think are the qualities that make for a great label? What is most important to you for Moonphase to include or feature?

The main quality of a great label is ‘consistently delivering quality music’. It’s not about flooding the scene with releases but actually working deeper to find those talented artists and connecting them to the scene through the label in the best possible way.

The most important for Moonphase will be quality and technically pushing a particular sound. There are 2 sides to music- musical idea and the science behind it. We are going to focus on both the aspects which I have observed from my favourite labels and how they maintain the quality.

What are the main goals you would like to accomplish with the label? Is there anything particular that would make it a “success” for you?

The main goal of the label is to give the Artist good music to play and audience great music to experience, which they can live their life by. Music is the Time Machine which scientists are seen trying to develop in Hollywood Movies.

The day, I can do a set of 3 hours of music by the label ranging from chill to peak time tracks, I will know we have succeeded in writing one story. It won’t end there, but rather begin. 😉

What would you like Moonphase to be known for?

I am hoping with our efforts Moonphase will be remembered as a label which became the bridge for great talent, helped them launch their career and people who are seeking good music all the time.

What is your approach when it comes to having a distinctive sound vs featuring a mix of genres?

With my experience & observation, I know there is a particular technical side which is missed by many new labels. It is very important for the label to know how and where the music will be heard. A particular releases maybe just for chill but the other will be aimed at the club, peak time. They both cannot be technically dealt with in the same way. This is the diligence we are going to put behind every release and also then pushing it to the right artist who play those sounds.

Dj Beat2

Would you say that Moonphase will feature a reflection of your personal style or do you have a different vision for your releases?

As a DJ I have played many genres but then chose the sounds I prefer and stuck by it. I am going to try and keep it as wide as possible, but in the end it has to be good music. So yes, I am not restricting it to my personal style of playing.

What can you share with us about the first release(s)?

The first release has a very special story. I was on the verge of announcing the label in the beginning of 2020 with the first EP produced by myself. A simple chat with Sahar Z in December 2019 changed the plans when I heard the remix. Sahar is a special brother who has stood by me and supported my work time to time and now he immediately stepped in with this remix too along with my other favourite producers Interaxxis, who are just producing brilliant music. It was special and the whole EP too. I decided to push my release second in line.

We have this duo- Creative Culture (DJ Dabeat & Juan Pablo) from Colombia who have produced an amazing downtempo EP with sounds that they describe- creative trips through the imagination and vibrations. It is backed by a very powerful remix by my favourite artist/ brother Sahar Z & Interaxis which was just featured in my Origin Golden Jubilee episode tracklist. Creative Culture have their individual careers but this is going to be their first as well.

So you can imagine the excitement I have to bring this project out soon!

What are you most looking forward to with the label’s launch?

I was looking forward to a special Launch event with Sahar Z along with 3 city India tour but due to the unfortunate coronavirus threats and uncertainties that lie around right now, we have postponed our event dates. Anyway we are going ahead with the digital launch in April and will be running special campaign to announce it. So yes currently our excitement is launching and sharing the music after which I have some releases lined up by myself and 2 young producers who have been really working hard with me in all my latest endeavours. They also handle a lot of my backend activities for the label. So it’s quite a family affair and we are looking to expand the family with like minded music lovers. Looking forward to a busy 2020!

This will also coincide with Origin’s 51st episode (congrats!!) How has your experience been with hosting this show? What do you enjoy most about it?

Thank you very much for the wishes, they mean a lot. My experience has just been fantastic. I always mention on the the social media about thanking the team which works tirelessly to bridge the gap between artist and music lovers world wide.

There’s a story to this too- the first time I ever approached Frisky for doing a one hour set, I was denied due to the sounds I proposed. It was my learning experience that I did not give up. I approached second time after carefully studying the sounds and hosted a hour set before we started Origin in 2016 as a monthly feature and here I am celebrating 50 episodes, who knew? I just wanted to share this so that young DJs can get little inspiration for never give up attitude, but rather learn and evolve.

I really enjoy the fact that it has connected me to Artists and Followers from all walks of life and remotest parts of our globe. It’s fascinating when I get feedback from people I have never met or ever heard of. It reminds me of the days I started following up with Electronic Music in the early 90s. I have goosebumps, as I write this 🙂

What else can we expect for the future of DJ Beat2?

DJ Beat2 was quiet from 2016 as I mentioned earlier- I was not down and out, but preparing for the bigger roles and upgrading my knowledge about music & science. I’ve got a fresh EP lined up after the first release and some interesting remix work I have done for another label too. On the events side, once the virus threat is over we’re looking at a venue for regular Moonphase events in different cities in India. Everything in progress. 😉

If words could do justice, I would write an essay- but I will let Music speak of what coming next- see you on the dance floor!