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Inside the Sound: Monojoke’s Texturize EP

Lauren Krieger

Since his first release in 2006, Polish producer and DJ Monojoke has been creating music that pushes Progressive boundaries. Influenced by the early days when the Progressive sound ruled the Underground and adapting to the freshest edges of the genre today, Monojoke has continued to produce music that stands out through quality production, distinctive melodies, and a sustaining sense of flow.

His latest Texturize EP on Mirabilis captures the style that he has been developing for over a decade, with the title track featuring a dreamy and euphoric atmosphere overlayed above a modulating and driving rhythm that cruises along a winding path. While he shares that he doesn’t have as much time for music lately, thankfully the second track “Remorse” came about to complete the EP with its deep groove and rolling melody. High energy and ready for the dance floor, “Remorse” keeps you locked in through each part of its journey.

Already working its way up the charts, I’m sure we’ll be hearing these tracks on the airwaves and on the dancefloor, bringing the Progressive sound into the future. Let’s first catch up with Monojoke to get a quick peek behind the scenes of his studio process, and find out what goes on inside his sound.

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What is your first task when you get into the studio?

I like tracks with melodies and a lot of energy, what can be seen in my music over many years. And yes, this is the first thing I think about when I sit down to make music. Let’s do another melodic, rich and full of sounds track.

Do you have a usual part that you begin with?

At the beginning, I always start with beat and drums. After getting an interesting rhythm, I deal with elements of the bass line. In the next step, I focus on spatial sounds, effects, pads. In the last step, I create melodic lines and leads and add some other sounds to fulfill space. If everything fits then I create the arrangement of the song.

What do you find is the most challenging part of a track for you to work on?

For me, always the most difficult, the most arduous moment is the arrangement. It takes most time, it must be interesting, varied and not boring. The track should take you for a trip from the beginning to the end.

What is the most fun part of the process for you?

The most interesting and pleasant moment for me when I create music is the moment when all elements of the track start to match and create a complete piece of sound. At this moment, before I make the arrangements, I spend a long time listening to this short fragment (around 1 minute). It gives me a lot of joy, but it also reminds me that it is still very far to the finished track.

Are there particular emotions or feelings that you always aim to share through your music?

Yes, have fun and enjoy it, just dance and feel freedom.

Is there a story or message behind this EP?

There is no big story behind this EP. First track “Texturize” I created a few months ago. Actually don’t have much time for music but I found some and then “Remorse” was born. I thought I had never been on Mirabilis before and I decided to send them both as one EP to Mirabilis manager Alex.

If there was one thing that your listeners experience when they hear this EP, what would it be?

Great pleasure. 🙂

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Listen to Monojoke’s guest mixes on FRISKY:


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