MODD On The Road: In Review & Ready for What’s Next

Steve Rickinson

In an extremely short time, Russian duo MODD has exploded onto the International dance music scene with their lush brand of emotional and evocative deep house.

This instantly recognizable sound has been heard across renowned labels like All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, Kindisch, Akbal, The Soundgarden, Plastic City, and Where the Heart Is, while gathering consistent support from across the spectrum of the underground with the likes of Jody Wisternoff, Bedouin, Oxia, Lost Desert, Nick Warren, YokoO, Hernan Cattaneo, Kora, and many more making MODD productions set staples.

Recently, MODD expanded their live appearance footprint by debuting in North America, playing everywhere from Do Not Sit on the Furniture (Miami) to Monarch (San Francisco) to a special Circle Line cruise in New York City, as well as having also completed a 3 city tour of India. With many more destinations, both new and old, to come, including a 3 November NYC return, we go in conversation with the guys to discuss their time in the US & India, maintaining mindfulness on the road, a look ahead to 2019 and more.

You have just returned from your USA tour, what were some of the highlights of your travels? Where were your best crowds?

Hi there, yeah, right, the US tour has recently been over and it was insane! It’s pretty hard to tell exact highlights as there’ve been so many – meeting new awesome people, playing different cities, seeing what the American market is in general – everything was great to experience! The best crowds are really everywhere, wherever the show happened, the people on the dancefloor were incredible!

Did you learn anything about USA culture that you had not known before? Or, what was the most interesting/unique/intriguing aspect of the country that particularly stood out to you?

Well, there’s hardly anything we didn’t really know about the US culture before because the whole industry is based on it. But yes, when you see everything with your own eyes it can be shocking!

In your time, did you manage to explore some of the cities you performed in? Which was your favorite?

There wasn’t really much time to explore all cities, but you can tell that some cities are good for a family life, such as San Diego for instance; Los Angeles is a place for creative people, San Francisco is for those who like fresh climate better and New York, like a giant concrete python. West Hollywood in LA is probably the place I will remember most.

How did you gauge the general responsiveness of the crowd in the USA?

As previously mentioned, American people in general are super responsive and thankful, they always know where they go and why.

Aside from USA, you also toured India recently. Tell us about that experience? Where did you play? What were the highlights?

That is correct, right after US it was time to visit India! It’s a wonderful country with nice people and traditions. Although the shows were in New Delhi, Mumbai, Indore and Hyderabad, there wasn’t much time for long walks around the city – but the people and the atmosphere are definitely exceptional!

Were there any major differences in your touring experience in India vs USA?

It’s pretty hard to compare these two countries because of the region, history background etc. Basically, we think that America outstands any country in the world, but India has something special about it that no other country can show.

What about your general touring experiences over the course of your career, what have been some unique locations and/or standout events that come to mind?

It’s Argentina for sure! Played ‘The Bow’ twice last year, and the energy on the dancefloor, people dancing all night long is something out of this world!

Over the course of these travels, how do you manage to maintain mindfulness while on the road, moving from hotel to hotel? Do you have any specific processes or rituals you turn to in order to keep yourself grounded?

When there’re 4 shows in a row in one week, it’s pretty tough to be honest – you either don’t sleep at all or sleep anywhere you can 🙂 sometimes you don’t even have time to eat something! Frequent flights dehydrate the body so you need to drink a lot of water, alcohol mode is off in such a tight schedule!

Aside from touring you obviously have much music released and also upcoming. With labels like All Day I Dream, Akbal, Anjunadeep, and so on showcasing your work, what is your approach to releasing? Meaning, how often do you aim to release an EP? How do you go about finding the best labels to feature your music on? And, what do you have upcoming, Musically?

These are the best labels for us indeed with professional teams on board. It’s also very important to keep the bar high, we think it’s a mistake to release on any label that likes your music.

Finally, moving through the end of 2018 and the beginnings of 2019, what are some other things you are particularly looking forward to? These could be personal or professional.

We are looking forward to releasing new music and touring the world, planning to tour Europe and get back to the US soon!

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