Mario Trunz creates unique chillout blends on Colourful Skies

Lauren Krieger

Canadian Mario Trunz has been growing recognition around the globe for his carefully designed and uniquely combined blends of ambient and chillout tunes. His Undiscovered Scenery show has successfully highlighted the best of dreamy and downtempo music, using soft atmospheres and calm moods to create a beautiful mix from start to finish. Along with his own monthly show, he has also appeared on numerous guest mixes on the shows of peers, as well as several Chillout Sundays features on FRISKY.

Mario Trunz has had many experiences creating magical sets that take listeners deep on a thoughtful journey. His new show Colourful Skies, premiering on FRISKY CHILL on January 11th, will continue this tradition of beautiful, creative, and enjoyable music.

Show page: Colourful Skies
Premiere: Sunday January 11th @ 9AM EST [convert timezone]

Get ready by listening to Mario Trunz’s latest Chillout Sundays episode!

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