Mario Puccio on Making Harmony

Kalen Bergado

Mario Puccio has run the gamut of musical genres. Starting his life in classical, moving to rock, and eventually ending up in electronic, it is very clear in his music how versatile his knowledge of sounds is. He is also a renaissance man of his music, weaving it into every aspect of his life, from creating music as a producer, crafting experiences through his DJ sets, and working as a teacher of electronic music at a sound school. As a mentor to a generation of developing musicians, he is able to share with them a wealth of knowledge built from his life. Now adding yet another thing to his plate, Mario is joining the FRISKY family with the premier of his new show “Harmony”, premiering later in December.

Between his role as a parent, his job as a teacher, his time producing, and DJ’ing we were able to ask Mario a few questions about his life in music, his inspirations for his productions, and what he hopes to achieve with his new show on FRISKY. Get comfortable and take a dive into what drives Mario Puccio and be sure to set a reminder for his new show “Harmony,” which premiers December 25th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] and will be available to listen anytime after on-demand. Enjoy!

Growing up with a background in classical and organ music, playing in several rock bands, when did you make the move to electronic music?

I remember that, I started to listen Electronic Music as a boy, but to work in it in 2003.

Following up on your answer to when you started to produce electronic music, what was the motivation to move from rock to electronic? Was it a natural change or did it take some time to adjust to the new styles and sounds?

Ever since I was a kid I liked technology a lot, I disarmed equipment but I did not know how to put it together haha. But everything that was working with computers for me was very good. Imagine, I could put a song on a PC, it was great!

I do not take it as a change since I still do Rock in some free time … or Classic.

How has your knowledge of classical and early influences of bands like Pink Floyd, The Doors, and Michael Jackson had an impact on the music you produce now?

I really had a mix of very nutritious influences. These helped me to develop more points of melodies, rhythms, solos and techniques. Many years ago I made very long tracks like “The Doors – The End” or “Pink Floyd – Echoes” and a friend told me, slow down Mario, songs like that would never be mixed by a DJ. Then to songs with so many melodies that it was too much. That is to say, I had to modify many conduces when composing and achieving a balance. But I really have a concert in my head yet.

Now that you’re focused on electronic music, where does your inspiration come from for your productions and DJ sets?

I tell you something. There is no greater inspiration for me than a trip, but the insight knows when it must catch you, the inspiration is the twin sister of destiny.

You mentioned trips being a big source of inspiration for you. What places you’ve traveled and trips you’ve taken have been the biggest source of inspiration?

I was lucky to travel all over my country, not yet to another continent … not for now, but soon.

The place that gave me the most inspiration was Merlo – San Luis. It’s wonderful, they are from those places where I would live, really.

As a professor you are a mentor to your students when it comes to electronic music and production. Is there anyone when you were first starting in the world of electronic music that was an inspiration or acted as a mentor to you?

Of course, only one person comes to my head, Hernan Cattaneo was my first inspiration and who has always helped me to this day … since 2010.

Can you talk a little bit about the classes you teach and the ideas you hope to pass on to the up and coming producers and DJs?

Yes, I really love this. I live in a place within distance of the “big cities”, so my classes are mostly online. In all these years I designed different learning mechanisms so that the student feels that I am at his side. I call them, I communicate with them, I ask them if they need something, if they are producing, if they have doubts … I accompany them.

I always tell them to be free doing what they want with the heart, it can not fail.

I take this opportunity to tell you that just this month I am 14 years old in teaching, it is a long journey and I had the best students that I could have.

Does teaching about electronic music push you to experiment with your sound or to try new things when producing or DJing?

Not really. I learned new “technical” concepts, I had to read many books, I had to study a lot, train myself, etc…. I really had to do it. But I separate the works well.

Do you prefer to work with digital or analogue equipment? Could you walk us through your current studio set-up?

I like to work with both of them.

If there is something that is safe, in my study you will see two things, order and keys.

My studio is divided in two, I have a desk to manage my classes and the studio of Production that has:

Yamaha EL- 37, I think there are five around the World, I think so. That is my potential in the studio.

Then I have midi controllers, amplifiers, two pairs of monitors, headphones, many cables (which I really hate the cables), what more… sound cards, flutes, vinyls, Ukulele and some other things, for example five Budhas.

Since DJ’ing is so much about building a relationship with the audience, how do you shape a set to connect with the people listening?

I connect in a very natural way, just that haha

Are there any specific tracks that you’ve been playing recently that really elicit a positive response?

Yes, my last Track “Shine” (The Soundgarden) really works very well.

In regards to the track “Shine,” could you walk us through the process of creating that track and what you set out to achieve with it? Or what feelings you had in mind and hoped to express through it?

Yes, what interesting questions. I never tell this but I think it’s a good opportunity to do it.

I had decided to stop doing Electronic Music forever, I would never go back to Producing. I could have a Rock band or something like that… One day I woke up, I sat on the PC and I said… this is the last thing, if it works I will continue all my life doing this, and if it does not work, I stop forever.

I only proposed something, put everything, but absolutely my whole heart and my musical knowledge in the song. The part of the “solo” I remember that my daughter just started to walk, that’s where that part came from, what an emotion. I wanted people to feel the same as me, and it worked very well. When I saw the video of Nick Warren using “Shine” in Mar del Plata it was the image that I processed all my life.

Shine was the before and after in my career, everything from there was beautiful.

Shine is dedicated to my daughter Faustina, shine all her life and keep shining mine.

Following that, what do you consider tenets of a great DJ set?

I think that when a DJ really enjoys what he does, it’s very important. Of course, we must follow a pattern for the schedule, or in the place we play, but I always insist before listening to the music that the DJ puts, or as a mix. Do not be anxious, be respectful, honest, humble and of course have a good musical selection… it’s the ABC, at least for me.

What goals do you have for your new show on FRISKY? Do you have a specific image of what the show will be in your mind or will it be something that continues to change and develop as the show progresses?

I have three goals in mind. First help the new producers by supporting their tracks on my radio. Second, I want to transmit “Harmony” in every sense, that’s why the program is called that. And third, of course, enjoy it a lot.
Yes, I have an idea about that. The Show is going to be my soul, what they are going to listen to, I really want to show, and it will be like that forever.

Is there anything else you want to share with the readers and listeners?

First of all I want to thank you for this very nice interview.

What I share with readers and listeners, I leave it for 25.12 on my first Show. I prefer to talk with Music.

Thank you soo much!

Listen to the premiere on December 25th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.