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Remember the Joy of Music With Marc Pole’s Mind The Gap

Lauren Krieger

With a depth of influences that he would absorb through hours spent listening to his father’s stereo system, Marc Pole translated his love for synth-pop and new-wave records into a passion for electronic music that became the soundtrack for his story. Through Progressive and Tech House, Marc found he could share his emotions and messages to audiences around the world, an experience that was amplified when he was invited to be Artist of the Week on FRISKY in 2010. Shortly after, he began his own show on FRISKY: Mind the Gap. For four years, Mind the Gap was not only an avenue for him to share his own story, but with guests like Dale Middleton, OMD, N-tchbl, Placid, Yoogie Van Bellen, Tim Penner, Monochronique, Tini Tun and many more, it became a destination for other talented DJs to share their sound with the world.

Not limited by designations, Mind the Gap was an experimental, diverse representation of underground electronic music. After a while, however, Marc found himself losing some of that initial connection to the music that had driven him to such dedication. When it became clear to him that he had been putting the focus on what he thought he wanted people to hear, rather than how the music made him feel, it was time to take a step back from it all. With that time he’s been reigniting that love for the underground from unexpected places, returning to the music that began his journey until he found himself back here again.

Mind the Gap returns and with it a rekindled passion, connection and love for the music that reminds us to stay true to our own stories and enjoy the ride along the way. The re-opening premieres on May 28th @ 4 PM EST [convert timezone] and will be available on-demand anytime after. Listen in & get to know Marc Pole:

Marc Pole

Could you share more about your music journey? How it began and why you decided to take a break?

As a child I used to sit in front of my father’s stereo system for hours and watched the record covers of his collection. At some point it must have clicked musically and I got interested in the music. Through the synth rock\pop groups of the 80s, I somehow came to electronic music.

The decision to take a musical break was rather creeping, but with time it became more and more important. I played live for Frisky a couple of times, and I really wanted to play more gigs. I put the focus on more club-suitable music and before each set I thought about what people might like to hear. That was a big mistake because I played tracks that were very good but I had no connection to them. Mixing without a feeling is not possible, I always have to tell a little story somehow. When my mother became seriously ill, I completely lost interest in music. A total burn out.

What made you want to reactivate your connection with electronic music?

Simple answer, the music of course. The first step to get back into music in general was through Spotify. I heard my father’s old “records” again, music that I heard when I was in love for the first time. Things that moved me and that again awakened the interest in me to deal with the music. Who would have thought it, but also here the way led me again to the electronic music. But it took a little time here, too.

Is your approach to the music different now than earlier in your life?

Yes, absolutely. Before my break I almost exclusively listened to music that had something to do with Mind The Gap. Now I just listen to music that I like, I look beyond my nose again. It’s just too bad to concentrate on just one direction, so you miss too many beautiful things.

What do you love to hear in music? Are there particular styles or sounds that always catch your attention?

I can’t generalize that, but I do have a slight inclination towards melancholic songs. Sometimes it’s just small things that make a track interesting for me, or even “broken”. But it always depends on the personal mood, I wouldn’t generalize the whole thing too much.

Who are some of the artists whose work you have been admiring lately?

Einmusik, Patrice Bäumel, Tim Green, Lake Avalon, Magdalena (DE), Julian Wassermann …. are some artists who have contributed to my desire for electronic music. Apart from that there are bands like The Cure, Chevelle, Deftones & Linkin Park.

But that’s really only the absolute tip of the iceberg. Names that immediately come to mind when I think of music.

Apart from music, what else are you passionate about?

As a balance to my job, I currently go to the fitness center every two days. In these two hours I am in a completely different world. I just start my mixed 5 star playlist and power myself up. After that I feel like a new person, I am overjoyed and almost euphoric.

Unfortunately I discovered this very late for myself, but you are never too old to do new things. If the weather and the time allow it, my wife and I sit on the eMountainbike, a new hobby that is a lot of fun. It is great to enjoy nature and to master a technically difficult single trail with the bike. Unfortunately, I had to put on one or the other bandage, but who doesn’t dare doesn’t win either 😀

Mind the Gap was a favorite show of mine, I always appreciated the originality and diversity of the selections. Is that something that is important to you as a DJ? What else matters most to you when you make a mix?

Isn’t diversity important? I enjoy combining several genres more, and as a listener I also like a certain variety in the sets. The genres mix more and more, so that it is already quite difficult today to determine the exact genre of a track. Personally, it’s important to me that the listeners are entertained, that I can take them with me. Maybe I even have the good fortune to put someone in the same emotional state that I had when mixing the set.

What is your biggest motivation for hosting Mind the Gap?

The question is quite difficult for me to answer without it sounding too hackneyed. I’d like to show the listeners out there my personal view of the music and what’s going on with me right now. I’m painting a picture of myself and showing it to you, you just can’t see it, but hear it. If I can reach some listeners with it, it would be a sign that I don’t do everything wrong.

If you could name only one thing that listeners experience when they listen, what would it be?

The joy of music.

Enjoy the new premiere of Mind the Gap, beginning on May 28th @ 4PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.