Love & Logic keep driving the NYC underground sound

Lauren Krieger

Love and Logic join forces to bring the party as FRISKY’s Artist of the Week

Love & Logic bring the classic NYC electronic music vibes to the present by combining their individual energies to create something massive. With decades spent on the decks and in the thick of the House & Techno music scene, Chris Love and AB Logic know what the crowd wants, and bring it every time with genre jumping music that includes their collection of rare classics and self-produced cuts. With years of experience making the party happen, they’ve also been building from behind the scenes, running SOUP (Support Our Underground Properly): the event brand and record company that has been re-imagined from its early days rocking the NYC underground in the 90’s. Their residency at Cielo continues to rein in global talent known for creating thick vibes and wild dance floors, truly keeping the music alive.

To get ready for their Artist of the Week mix on FRISKY, we caught up with the team:

What initially brought the Love & Logic team together? What keeps you together?

AB Logic: We (Love & Logic) are my partner Chris Love & myself AB Logic.  Chris was creator and 1/2 of the legendary NYC event brand Stuck on Earth, & SOUP was one of the underground events by Stuck On Earth in the 90’s.  Chris brought SOUP back to NYC around 2010 and I (AB Logic) regularly played the events.  On a few nights Chris and I decided to tag at the SOUP events and it started to become a thing. Before we knew it we were playing at some of the largest clubs in the city together, and after a few big nights at Sullivan Room, which at the time was one of the cities most popular venues, we decided to make it official and shortened both of our names to form Love & Logic. In 2013 we were given a monthly residency at NYC’s storied Cielo nightclub which we have been doing for four years now this month!  It’s been all up from there.

Chris Love: Yeah, the start of our duo was a really natural progression. After teaming up as Love & Logic we became official partners on the SOUP brand as well. We started doing SOUP parties at all the big venues around NYC and decided the goal would be to set the stage to start the label, which we launched in 2016.  We have a great working relationship, share the same vision for the future, and both take up different roles in moving towards our goals. We communicate daily on our direction and the brands direction. Working together has been easy and natural.


How would you describe the SOUP sound?

AB Logic: Our sound is rooted in House and Techno from the NYC underground. SOUP nights are completely dance floor oriented and include House, Techno, Tech House, some deeper stuff, and usually some classics at the end.

The best way to describe the SOUP sound is definitely “Party Rocking.”

What do you think is the most important constant factor between your label & club nights?

Chris Love: Like AB mentioned, definitely that “Party Rocking” sound. We try to convey the vibe of SOUP nights in the tracks we release on the SOUP label. We sign relevant music that aims for the dance floor, keeps with the times, and pay’s homage to the history of our music and the city that we come from. Both the label and the party have NYC pumping through their veins.

What do you hope that your crowds walk away experiencing after a night of you two on the decks?

AB Logic: The most important thing is that they had fun! Our main focus at club nights is to keep the dance floor going off from start to finish.  We read the crowd and try to give them what they need throughout the night.  We always give 110% of our energy, mix aggressively, and incorporate a bit of DJ trickery to keep things entertaining. We want the crowd to leave sweaty with sore legs!

What is it about the music that keeps you excited about it?

Chris Love: Both AB Logic & I have been involved with this music for most of our lives.  Whats cool about House and Techno is that they have managed to evolve as genres over the years while maintaining their integrity as underground genres.  Lots of great producers and labels emerged in 2016 and many of the staple artists in our scene have done a great job of keeping with the times musically.  The music is thriving.  For us it’s been awesome getting into the frey with our label and our own Love & Logic productions. We have a lot of really good stuff in the pipes and are extremely excited about sharing our take on things via our music more frequently in 2017.


What has been one of your biggest accomplishments or favorite moments from this past year?

AB Logic: Our biggest accomplishment of 2016 is getting our SOUP label launched.  We spent the previous two years getting our ducks in a row to make a big impact.  It was awesome seeing the success of the debut SOUP EP “Panties” by Jonn Hawley feat. Born I Music fly high in the charts on Traxsource right out of the gates. Next, we released our Love & Logic + Joe Pompeo “Hot Business” EP (featuring the legendary Derrick Carter on the vocals) via our own label, and had some amazing remixes from Solardo (who were acknowledged by RA in their top DJ’s of 2016 chart) and the very talented Atnarko.  We rounded out the year with a big EP from NYC up and comers Renegade Masters which included a massive remix from Amsterdam’s Man Without A Clue that is still selling like crazy!  We feel like we’ve set the stage for a regular monthly release schedule in 2017, and are very pleased with our start.

Where do you see things headed in 2017?

Chris Love: We are currently working on taking SOUP NYC on the road and have been setting up SOUP nights in other cities. We look forward to bringing our sound to different markets in 2017.  From a label perspective, we have music lined up from Miguel Bastida, Majesty, Tim Baresko, Clyde P, Pablo Say, Love & Logic, Tekla, Joe Pompeo, Shadow People, Chris Patrick, US (US), Renegade Masters, Namy & Akio, Deluxed, and more!  Additionally AB and I have been hard at work in the studio and have some really cool Love & Logic stuff we’ll be dropping in 2017.

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