Lost People Album Art

Lost People Remind Us to Listen, Love, and Let Go

Lauren Krieger

Sometimes it’s those simple lessons that we tend to forget, as we get caught up in a chaotic world that seems to constantly be grabbing at our attention. Whether that’s taking time to just stop and listen, focusing on doing what you love, allowing your self to experiment without boundaries, or remembering that sometimes you just have to let go and move on, industry veterans Terron Darby and Stephen Wilson remind us of these basic necessities to our wellbeing through their project Lost People.

We were first introduced to Lost People last year, as they released their premiere mix together on the Dance Artifakts show on DEEP. Now celebrating another landmark moment in their journey, Lost People shares with us their premiere EP and a thoughtfully crafted DJ mix which exemplifies what their energy has been focused on this past year // LISTEN NOW. With each track consciously compiled, edited, and mixed to convey a story and encourage listeners to just let go and listen, the second Lost People mix truly showcases the time and love they have put into creating music together. As they have discovered more about each other and learned to be in tune with their individual production habits and processes, Lost People have been honing their combined efforts while continuing to grow; reminding us that no matter how much experience you have, there is still so much more to discover.

Learn more, and listen to the Forgotten EP below:

First off, how are you guys doing? What is keeping you positive and motivated during these crazy times?

Terron: Definitely wild times. My daily run, spending time with my girlfriend and our families. The break has allowed me to take the time to recalibrate my health and priorities for the future in a positive way.

Stephen:  Getting to spend a lot of quality time with my son has really made me happy. Honestly having this break has kept me motivated by forcing my hand to take a step back and appreciate everything around me. 

Your first Lost People mix on Dance Artifakts was released more than a year ago (!) – what has changed for you as artists since that time?

Stephen: Crazy that it has already been a year! The most important change for me has been taking the time to learn more about our gear, and listening to loads of music and trying to understand each producers’ process.

Forgotten EP Cover Art

Terron: Wow time does fly by. We are continuously honing in on our craft, creating new workflows, and evolving with the changing fabric of electronica. Stephen and I continue to be more in tune and fluid with our productions. 

How does this mix represent what Lost People is all about?

Terron: We both have been DJ/producing for a long time so our range is very extensive.  We don’t approach a mix as something that needs to be a certain genre or tempo, simply a mood, a way to tell a story. It could be a faster club tempo or more of a listening mix. With current world affairs, we felt that banging techno needed a rest, and a more inward “heady” tension/release approach was more appropriate. We are about making and playing music that we enjoy.

Stephen: Like Terron said we have been doing this a long time so having the range of music we have allows us to be different whenever we want. When we started this project we immediately said “no boundaries” meaning we don’t want to be stuck into one style. I think this mix helps show our diversity. 

It’s obvious that you put a lot of work into this special mix, can you share with us some behind the scenes of its creative process?

Stephen: Since the way we live our lives has changed, we wanted to create a mix that we felt would make people stop for a moment and simply listen. The process was long, and even though there are only 10 songs, it took us easily over 40 hours to compile, edit, and mix them. Not one of the songs in the mix is completely original; we edited each one to fit the desired feeling. It took a lot of patience and time, but in the end we feel it was well worth it. 

Terron: Like Stephen mentioned, we prefer to edit the tracks.  Sometimes a mix needs to have a section extended, shortened or rearranged to help convey the story. It was exciting to put this extra attention into this set. Many of the tracks were also originally produced at a faster tempo, but we slowed them down to open up the sonic details for an enhanced feeling.

How does it feel to also be premiering your debut EP together? What are you proud of with this release?

Terron: Feels fantastic.  We have been waiting to share these tunes for a while, and now is the right time.  We are excited to have production duo Between Ourselves back to the label to do a remix, along with newcomers, SX2. Also, with every release, we have custom art created to convey the vibe of the song and producer.  Art Direction is something we are proud of, and Jack Liakas is the illustrator who is always delivering these brilliant custom art pieces.

Stephen: It feels amazing and a long time coming. I’m so grateful at how well Dance Artifakts is doing as a label and for us, we will always take a back seat so the other artists are taken care of first. That’s why we are so proud of this EP because it’s the right timing for us and the remixes are exceptional. I also want to make sure that we mention our mastering engineer Matt Davis from Hacienda Mastering. He does such an amazing job for all of Dance Artifakts releases and we wouldn’t be where we are without him. Thank you Matt!

Lost People – Bygone (Original Mix)
Lost People – Forgotten (Original Mix)
Lost People – Bygone (Between Ourselves Remix)
Lost People – Forgotten (SX2 Remix)

Is there a story behind the EP? Does it symbolize or represent anything in particular for you?

Terron: We make so many tunes that we need to simply release, move on to the next one, and stop thinking about it so much. Otherwise, we will never release anything due to being overly critical.  This EP is the beginning of simply ‘letting it go’ and putting more music out there, hence the play on words ‘Bygone’ and ‘Forgotten’. We are excited about what’s to come this year with more tracks.

Stephen: Lost People is something that we all will experience throughout our lives. Both as humans and for Terron and I as artists. Terron said it best, it’s about letting go and moving on.

What do you think is most important for you to portray or communicate as Lost People?

Terron: That we are doing what we love, and can’t wait to share more with the world.

Stephen: Exactly, that we are doing what we love. Staying humble and appreciative of all the people who support our journey. 

What’s next? 🙂

Terron: Our next EP and more music! Also, maybe ‘live in the studio streaming sessions’.

Stephen: Yes, more music both for the dance floor and the living room. We have been experimenting with more sound design, and I’m really looking forward to where that takes us!