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Lost People Look to the Future With Premiere DJ Mix

Lauren Krieger

Through the deep connections that electronic music makes, there is something magical when two artists join together to create. The nature of DJing and electronic music is in the blend, the mixing between tracks, the remixes which ensure that every track produced is a collaborative experience. It’s no wonder that it works so well when two people can combine their perspectives to focus on a common creative goal. Terron Darby and Stephen Wilson (aka Rudiment) have found this in their Lost People project, a freshly formed duo whose remixes released on Dance Artifakts has been receiving support from stalwarts such as Sasha, Solomun, Adriatique, Undercatt, Khen, Chicola, Upercent, Nicolas Masseyeff, and Powel.

With original tracks also in the pipeline, Lost People are gearing up for the future with their first mix together on the Dance Artifakts show on DEEP. More than a sum of its parts, Lost People tells a story of its own, with Terron and Stephen showcasing the power of collaboration and combined passion to be found in underground electronic music.

The Lost People guest mix will be airing Monday May 20th @ 7PM EST [convert timezone] and available anytime after on-demand.

Rudiment DJ
Stephen Wilson

How did you first meet each other?

SW: Through a mutual friend Kimball Collins.

TD: Yes, Kimball Collins connected us, and shortly after I asked Stephen to come to Brooklyn to play at one of my Playdate New York events.  At that first event, we connected on so many levels; it was like we had known each other for a lifetime.  Over the course of the coming months, we began throwing events and playing together in New York.

When did you decide to start this project together?

SW: It was roughly after a year of knowing each other and through the process of becoming really good friends.

TD: Yeah, after about a year of playing and throwing events together, we realized that stylistically and personality wise, we were in sync enough to start collaborating in a more official way. That first began with going b2b at the end of sets, into sharing individual productions for advice and then into working together on full productions/remixes for Dance Artifakts.  Because we both embrace a wide range of genres, we wanted to express different styles through a separate alias. Lost People is the first in what we hope to be a continued progression of different collaborations.

What do you think each others’ greatest artistic strengths are?

SW: Terron has the ear for hearing the little things that are so subtle but make a song move and stand out.  I really love that quality!

TD: Stephen has a keen sense for quickly arranging parts and getting the body of the tune intact. He also helps the creative process move along, as he knows when to keep working on a track, and when to let it go and start fresh.

Does the Lost People sound differ from your individual tastes?

SW: I don’t think that it does.  We love so many different types of music it just feels natural.

TD: It is an extension of us both. Which is one of the primary pillars of Dance Artifakts – to break genres. Lost People allows us to explore the big room /warehouse textures and tempos.

Terron Darby DJ
Terron Darby

What are your keys for working together successfully, both as producers and as DJs?

SW: For me it’s about having fun and keeping the foundation solely about the music.  Just being honest with each other.

TD: Same same, our similar experience is helpful because we both know what we want and how to get there as individuals and more importantly as a team. As DJs, our tastes blend well, we both bring something different, yet cohesive to the table. As producers we often trade rolls – sometimes Stephen will do the foundation of the drums and I’ll do some melodies and sometimes its in reverse so it makes for a very productive workflow. We both believe in quality over quantity so the pressure is lower to stay productive. Not to mention he’s a good friend.

With support from a variety of major DJs, do you have a favorite “they’re playing our track!” moment so far?

SW: Sasha playing our remix of Jay Skelly!

TD: Def Sasha playing our remix of Jays tune ‘Last Days” at Teksupport in Brooklyn. Sasha has been one of my biggest inspirations since the early 90’s, and to have him play a tune that Stephen and I remixed is absolutely one of the main reasons we do this. That experience is priceless.

What are you most excited about for the future of Lost People?

SW: Our new originals that we are currently working on.

TD: We have some very nice originals that we are excited to bring to fruition. Looking forward to sharing them and playing out using the Lost People moniker.

What is your favorite part about this Lost People premiere mix?

SW: How each song tells its own story.

TD: All of the mixes on the Dance Artifakts FRISKY show are meant to take you on a journey, and this Lost People mix we feel does just that.