Magnetic Girl Power: Lorraine Roar Combines Forces for Deep Music

R.A. Bakr

Creating music that grabs attention – magnetic like – is what London based DJ/producer Lorraine Roar does. Lorraine’s production work is made with design to bring the mind, body and soul together as if traveling thru the cosmos. On this cosmic music journey, you will be entwined with powerful deep emotional bass, haunting melodic tones, steady captivating beats, and galactic esoteric universal consciousness.

Many say women are more empowered today (current times) than they’ve ever been before. However, in the electronic music world, it is still considered and seen as a male dominated industry – almost like an exclusive boy’s only club. When Lorraine and I discussed this, she said: “Yes, we are quite used to seeing men behind the cabin or behind a good track. It is still dominated by men… but, luckily, this tendency is finally changing and women are starting to show how talented and powerful they are in the electronic scene”.

As we continued to discuss the industry, it can’t be denied that unarguably a lack of women behind the decks spinning tracks at clubs and festivals exist. All in all, the gap between men and women in this industry is fairly sizeable. “Definitely we are more valued now than ever before, it’s inspiring. Music is art and art doesn’t have a gender”, Lorraine said sharing more of her thoughts.

Lorraine Roar has made her imprint in the industry by bringing different rhythms, different perceptions, different tastes, that in the end adds something valuable to the music she brings to us.

Lorraine’s backstory begins in Spain. She grew up in Madrid, received her first guitar at age 8, took lessons for a few years and really has been in love with music ever since she can remember. “My mother and my older brother are also music lovers, so at home I always could listen to a lot of music genres, like rock, pop, classical music and of course electronic music”, she shares with me.

Later on, in her teenage thru early twenties, she was part of several rock, metal and pop music bands. “I have always loved the most electronic music and I always dreamt about being able to produce this type of sound… to be able to create my own electronic music tracks”, she said.

“Those years I used to listen to Trance and Dance music and my older brother already was addicted to Techno, so I always listened his music banging against the door and I always loved it!”, explained Lorraine as our conversation deepened. Adding, “The following years I gave up on music bands, as I started to see the music industry as a difficult thing, but I was still a great music lover and never stopped to listen to music all day long.”

Like every other deejay and producer, her curiosity about electronic music background, the culture and different sub-genres deepened. She attended many different clubs and festivals all over Spain to see her favorite artists. “This time I realized that I couldn’t wait any longer to start making my own music”, she happily told me. “I wanted to show the world all the ideas I had in my mind! So I decided to take professional lessons in a musical school in Madrid (Spain) and learn everything I needed to produce my own music and also to play it in front of people. Since then luckily it has been nonstop!!”

With kindness and personality that go hand-in-hand, girl power shines with Lorraine. Her show Magnet, is everything combined together and we will get the purest music style that is solely Lorraine Roar.

Below is our full conversation:

Hi Lorraine! Welcome to the FRISKY family – I’m so looking forward to your show. It’s true a pleasure to meet and interview you.

Hi Rhanda! Thank you very much for having me. The pleasure is mine, I’m very excited to become part of FRISKY and I can’t wait to start.

What difficulties do you face or have faced working within the music industry?

I’m happy to say that personally I have always felt very welcome in the industry, since I started producing and then playing, I have had a very positive response and a great support from other producers, records labels, promoters and DJs.

If I have to think of a difficulty, I would say that, when I decided to start playing, I thought I would have to adjust my music style to the requirements of the event or the promoters. I remember I had a couple of offers and I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the music they wanted me to play, so I ended up declining them. I know it was a bit shocking for them, but I thought… what’s the point if I wouldn’t feel myself? Then, soon after, I was offered an event much more suitable and I had so much fun!

I don’t want play for the sake of it, I do it as a way of expressing myself and make the audience enjoy my music the way I enjoy it. I think this is essential to be able to have a good connection with them.

Despite difficulties, what keeps you inspired / motivated on a daily basis?

Surely love is the motivation, love in all possible ways. Passion for what I do, for electronic music. I always feel inspired when I hear a good song and it’s like a circle, a good track inspire me to create more music. The music I love gives me ideas and makes me want to sit down in my studio.

I also think motivation can be inside ourselves. I would say I’m quite positive and I really believe everything is possible if you work hard and enjoy life the way it is. It’s a classic but it’s so true, the key is to be grateful and love and appreciate every single step of the way. Everything you do it teaches you something, so it’s always worth it.

And finally I think people around you from family to friends, people from the music industry and, of course, the audience are essential to keep you going.

You shared with me earlier that you’ve always had a love for electronic music and always dreamed about being able to produce it. Which artist has been your musical influence?

Yes, I’m definitely living the dream. [laughs] When I think about artists many names come to my head like Marino Canal, Edu Imbernon, Tale of Us, Giorgia Angiuli, Nolah, Blancah, Kiasmos, Jeremy Olander and many more. It’s not easy to name a single artist, but I would say that Stephan Bodzin has been a truly musical influence for me since I discovered him. His melodies and drums are just outstanding and his live performance is also very special. I remember the first time I saw him, I was at the very front of the venue and it was so emotional, I had goosebumps the whole time. He is a genius.

What was one of the first songs/tracks you really liked that’s classified as ‘electronic music’? Why?

Ohhh, this question has just brought me so many good memories from when I was a teenager, when I used to steal my brothers Discman and play his CDs. It was “Sunglasses at Night” by Tiga and Zyntherius. I remember it was part of an electronic VA compilation. I discovered it randomly and couldn’t stop playing it on repeat all day long… I think it has an awesome melody with that cool synthesizer sound.

Regarding your work and when it comes to producing your own music, how would you describe your creative process? Also give us a glimpse of your recording environment.

Well, when it comes to starting a new project I like believing that anything can happen in the creative process, I don’t really have a plan nor always do the same thing. But I must say I usually start creating a melody with the piano. Sometimes I just try notes until a find the sound I like, others suddenly I get inspired and a melody gets stuck in my head in random places or while I’m doing the most random things, like having a walk or a shower or even in my sleep, then I have to get up to record it quickly ‘lol’.

Once I have the melody, I start adding the bassline and drums and then I add the rest. I don’t really use samples or loops, sometimes I use presets but I modify them the way I like.

About my recording environment, what can I say? I’m in love of that corner of the house, I can spend hours in the studio thinking I have only been producing for a few minutes lol. Here in London I’m using Ableton Live. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface, a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 keyboard controller and its instruments and plugins Komplete 11 Ultimate. I also have a pair of Focal Alpha 50 monitors and the Beyerdynamic DT770 studio headphones.

Wow that’s quite a setup and seems so fun. So how do you manage and undertake keeping your sound fresh and different? How do you describe your music style?

I think now more than ever, there are no limits and we mix all kind of styles and sounds. I don’t try to fit in a specific genre or subgenre and I do tend to improvise or take bits here and there of different styles, but it’s true that my music usually sounds very melodic, deep and emotional. I love making mesmerizing atmospheres and unexpected breaks but keeping a good groovy vibe with fat basses and powerful drums. I would say it might be a mix of melodic techno, progressive and deep house.

In general, what’s your perspective when it comes to reflecting on your earlier work? And since starting out, how has creating music transformed you? How would you describe your growth as an artist over the lifetime of your career?

Since I was a child, I have always been open to a great music variety of music, which I think has been very positive for my professional development. I was usually quite unusual lol.

My dad always tells everyone that he took me to a CD store when I was 10 years old and when they asked me which CD I wanted, expecting me to choose something like “The Spice Girls”, I said I wanted something like “AC/DC” or “Iron Maiden”… you should have seen the shop assistant´s shocked face lol.

In my teenage hood, I was part of several bands, from pop rock to metal, in which I always created music with my guitar or wrote songs. Then I fell in love with electronic sound. So certainly producing has always been part of my life.

You released an EP entitled ‘Sunrise’ – that is quite beautiful if I may add – and full of adoration to nature and cosmic-like journeys. Describe your perspective on music’s relationship to the universe and a person’s soul. And what has this EP and each of its three tracks meant for you?

Definitely, music is inside us, it’s part of us and a way to express our deepest emotions. It’s not only in humans but also all around the world, it´s in the nature, from the violent sound of a huge wave to the quietest peaceful sunset. Everything is musical.

I believe music is a journey belong the physical, like an endless trip to another dimension.

“Sunrise” is a creation in which, for the first time as a producer, I found the sound I was looking for, the music style that best defines me. Although, I realize now that in every step forward you always feel more yourself.

I remember that Solstice and Kosmos were tracks that I had left unfinished for a while. Then, in just a week where I had inspiration from incredible progressive tunes, I did Awakening. After that, I went back to the other two and there you go… it was a true musical sunrise for me lol.

“Awakening” introduces you to a warming progressive voyage, mystic atmosphere and hypnotic arpeggios.

“Solstice” is one of my favorites; it is a progressive track mix with cinematic sounds, which make it very harmonic and melodic. It also has string instruments that make it kind of romantic.

And the type of music that I personally called “slow breathing” inspired “Kosmos”. It’s more like a downtempo song.

There’s another track I’ve listened to that you did with Faouzi Mejri called ‘Purr’. Tell us about that experience and creative process. Who would you like to work/collaborate with in the future?

Last year I had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and it has been a wonderful experience. It’s absolutely enriching to put two different styles, backgrounds and ideas in just one track. The result is usually refreshing.

I would be happy to collaborate with any artist as long as there is a connection and we can contribute to each other, there are no boundaries!

You had a live-stream mix via FRISKY with Paul Sawyer. Was amazing! Describe that experience both working with Paul and doing a live – online mix set?

I must say I had so much fun in the live stream with Paul. It was a great experience, he and his team were amazingly welcoming and they all made the working atmosphere very professional but nice and relaxed all at once. In this industry it’s important to be surrounded by people like that.

To do the live online mix set was very cool, it’s like to be in front of a huge crowd but at the same time it feels like you´re playing music on your own at home, it feels cozy and fun but it has an extra adrenaline dose. I enjoyed it and I look forward to do the next one.

Let’s discuss your new show Magnet. Tell me more about the name and the backstory to it.

I believe attraction is the most powerful energy that moves our lives and the entire universe. So I wanted the show to represent music that makes you feel an exceptional and irresistible sense of attraction. Music is also pure energy; it’s an unstoppable and great force that is able to transport you without limits above and beyond in an emotional journey, an impulsive power capable to move inner feelings. It’s a beautiful magnet.

Adding to our previous question, kindly share with me how did Magnet get started with FRISKY? What will we get to hear from your show? Anything special FRISKY listeners should look out for?

I was already a Frisky radio follower and I was lucky enough to be the “Artist of the Week” through Paul Sawyer last December. After that, I was offered to make the show.

They will get the purest Lorraine Roar´s music style, a show full of unique moments, with amazing tracks from the hottest of the present to the unforgettable old ones. A selection of melodic techno, progressive and deep house in a mix with more than one surprise.

This is exciting, I see you’re going to be working with Awen Records. Can you give us some upcoming details? Are there any other projects that you are currently working that you can share with us?

Yes, I’m really happy to start 2019 releasing my new track “Resurgence” with Awen Records as part of an AV compilation. I would say it’s a deep and potent track with a dark touch and attractive basslines and drums involved by a dominant synthesizer.

Soon after, I will release “Mirage”, a melodic techno remix for Palace Rec, which has a melancholic piano melody along with deep mysterious synthesizer bass and a quite dynamic percussion.

Also I’m preparing for several upcoming events in March and April in London and after in Madrid, while I’m also working in 3 more remixes and other original tracks that I will release in the next few months.

“Fun Question Time”

If you weren’t doing what you do today with music, what other career would you have?

I hardly can imagine my life without doing music… But well, apart from music, I really like traveling around the world and I enjoy sports. I’m also interested in food and nutrition. Probably I would do something related, like a personal trainer or a nutritionist.

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?

No matter where I go if I go with the right company lol, but if I have to choose a place… right now I would love to spend a week in the middle of nowhere, like for example in Hawaii. I love nature, mountains and breathing pure air, I also love seeing wild animals and, of course, nice weather and beaches. Although, I wouldn’t say no to a week in NY either lol

If you were a superhero, what kind of superpower would you have?

I’m already very grateful to have the superpower of creating music. [laughs] And now more seriously, maybe I would like to be able to give a second chance to people who leave us too early.

I’d like to thank you, Lorraine, for taking time with me and FRISKY in sharing your thoughts for this fun and insightful interview. It’s been a pleasure. Therefore, before we conclude our interview, do you have any final thoughts?

I would love to say a huge thank you to everyone for making me so happy and supporting my music, special thanks to Paul and, of course, to you Rhanda for being so nice and making me have fun with this interview. I look forward to starting Magnet and I hope FRISKY lovers enjoy it as much as I will.

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