Li-Polymer and the Natural State of Music

Priya Sen

Delve into the art of creating and enjoying music with Li-Polymer

In advance of several cracking releases coming up in 2017, Fabio Pereira better known as Li-Polymer has been changing the old guard of Progressive House lately into dreamy, steamy melt-down gems, bringing in new age brilliance to the dance music scene via offerings such as “One Sky And Two Ways”, Low Tide onwards to “Silence Between Us”, and “Laurissilva” just simply put a track on from the producer in question and you will instantly hear the wafting, neo- renaissance lines of the performer and then get ready to swoon. No matter an extensive remix body over to his original productions all spell-bind and the world seems to be catching up to the futuristic magic of his work.

2017, however, looks to be the moment that he will finally find his way into the hearts (and record collections) of dance music lovers around the world:  here’s Madeira Island based Li- Polymer, right before he takes off to many musical expeditions for the year…


Can we start at the beginning, tell us about your formative years, what got you interested in dance music?

First of all thanks for having me here!

sunday_stations_photoI took my first steps around 2006 with the complex Reason, but right away after I got to know Ableton and so things got friendlier and since then it’s my DAW to produce music. Almost a year and a half later after self-teaching myself with various soft-wares, I started to send in my first demos and then there’s been no looking back.

My interest took a bit of shape in my child-hood years but it wasn’t as serious as it is now. I would spend time listening to everything on radio, TV shows and what was popular in the scene, so to speak. As I got older I went out to parties and immediately got interested in the details of dance music. I very much admired what I was hearing down to the textures, vocals and electronics involved in every track and slowly got to pay attention to different styles too and the particular mood it creates while listening. It’s intriguing to notice each unique element, even if it’s a very small detail, but makes all the difference.

Music helps me from troubles in life, I listen to music almost every single day.

And the scene where you grew up, clubs etc?

Well, I live in a small island called Madeira, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, we don’t have such many clubs and inhabitants and it’s not easy to keep the scene high, but slowly people are getting more educated with good electronic music and get in to the vibe (if you know what I mean) with some interesting great events that imprints good quality here in my town.

Any early influences or a record that made you go wow, I want to do this?

I can say some names like Spirit Catcher, Deep Dish, Sasse, Pete Tong, John Digweed. There are a lot of names that pushed me forward and also, of course, records from the afore-mentioned names.

Do you play any musical instruments?

I used to play the Xylophone between my 2nd and 4th grade.


What’s your studio set up comprise of?

JBL LSR Monitors, Waldorf Blofeld Synth, Arturia MicroBrute, M-Audio M-Track, audio interface, Akai APC-40MKII. I also use some Camel Audio vst’s, Arturia Minifilter V among others plugins.

Top 5 tracks?

Every year sees tracks better than the previous. Of course I do have some favorites but the technology today makes that everything even better than before and I usually like to play the newest ones.

We see quite a few releases with your remix work on them lately, you enjoying lending your musical stamp and expertise as much on reworks and are the process different for you when you work on these projects as opposed to creating your own?

The process is not much different, but one thing I do make sure is writing the remix always with some touch of the original mix, without running away too far, the most important elements I think are usually from the original cut. Artists have their own character and personal touch while writing music and that must be felt while making a remix, but we must never forget a few original elements I feel. It’s also respectful at the end of the day.


Your music is decidedly dreamy and melancholic, in as much it’s both deep and sometimes moody, is these traits you explore and wanted to keep or did it just happen?

It comes naturally from me, without forcing or dodges anything. It’s pure, depending on my state of mind.

Li-Polymer developed a signature sound very quickly. Was it well received when you were starting out, and did you know record to record and on wards that this was the style you’d like to keep?

It’s a little bit like I answered before, it’s a natural and organic way that Li-Polymer the artist in me sees the music, and if you see so much good feedback and positive reactions, it means that it’s all correct. The connection is there. Just want that people enjoy the journey in their own way, and understand the peace and love of it all.

You’ve got some great music out on labels such as Movement, Sudbeat, Balkan Connection in recent years, what’s new and coming up, share some news on what keeps you busy in terms of production?

The first of my releases in 2017 will be out at Stan Kolev and Matan Caspi’s label, Outta Limits. I got the opportunity to remix the wonderful – ‘Kinetoscope’ track from Matan.

After which I’m back to Juicebox Music, with – “Mellifluous”  an original production by me, which will be aired in a one hour mix on Frisky Radio this 14th February, hosted by label boss Praveen Achary himself. It releases 6th March, but it’s kind of a premier and the promos should be out next week. So urge everyone to tune in.

More original mixes are scheduled to be out on Movement Recordings too. I also make
my debut on Manual Music and Just Movement, so yes, there’s some other current projects in progress and at the right time everything will be announced.

Any upcoming gigs that you are looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to my debut in Greece, which happens on first weekend of May. In June will visit Holland for the second time, with a Just Movement showcase at Amsterdam, as well as other dates to be announced for Russia, under the management of Movement Bookings. Plus I am happy for some upcoming events in my town, for example Soulwerk will be here with me playing and will happen at end of March.

Listen to Li-Polymer’s Artist of the Week mix now:

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