The Chillout Room

Lem Springsteen Finds Balance in The Chillout Room

Lauren Krieger

Lem Springsteen has never been limited by style or sound, but embraces the ranges of music that each showcase a piece of himself. As he shares with us, “I had my own taste from growing up around different styles of music, so that was always my blueprint.” As a part of Mood II Swing, his house side gets the floor, while as Meltonix he enjoys his space in the lounge. Everything comes together in The Chillout Room, where there is a balance between all aspects of Lem’s love for music, in an atmosphere that encourages deep explorations into fresh territories of sound.

Since we spoke with Lem for his CHILL Featured Guest Mix, he has been busy in both the Mood II Swing and Meltonix worlds, with releases for both artists coming out this Spring. As he shares, “Being involved in two separate genres keeps me busy and happy.” Realizing that when he takes a break from 4/4 dance and works on other styles it helps him to bounce back stronger, (“It’s how I discovered balance”) Lem is embracing the moody atmospheres for his new show The Chillout Room, which will showcase not only his own music but new music that he has discovered and been given from artists around the world.

Aiming to share “smooth & sexy sounds” that take you deep into listening, his main focus for this side of his creative energies was not necessarily to make something for others however, but to express something that was building inside him. His premiere release as Meltonix “St. Elsewhere” was never intended to be shared, it was spawned by a motivation to release his emotions musically, a soundtrack for his own environment. Inspired by colleagues to share it with others however, it became a vehicle to showcase his alternative side, and liberating in the way that he had complete control over the sound he was creating.

The personal storytelling and emotional expressions of Meltonix will carry through to The Chillout Room of Lem Springsteen, with underlying themes being an important part of the show’s purpose. Creating and developing new themes that incorporate both his own new and unreleased tracks with special selections from favorite producers, The Chillout Room will be a unique experience with every episode. One thing that will stay the same will be a focus on finding a balance within the music. As he says:

There’s a time and place for different tempos & moods so I’m grateful to have this platform to express this side of me. It’s all about balance!

Tune into the premiere of The Chillout Room on March 24th @ 1PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.