The KDB Records Mafia emerges on FRISKY DEEP


TrockenSaft brings the KDB Mafia to FRISKY DEEP

We couldn’t hold our excitement back when we first heard of the possible on-boarding of KDB records run by Russian mafia aka TrockenSaft (aka Pavel) and his team. KDB Records is through and through true underground label with a vast artist line-up. Going through their catalogue, you would find top notch production quality with genres ranging from deep house to tech and indie house. TrockenSaft through his label has been doing his bit to promote the Russian artists and provide the platform for others as well. Before picking up the KDB, Pavel also had as a Pasha Joint (ex) co-founded the “Access-Denied” in the past which is one of the most prominent and noted projects from post-Soviet states on Breakbeat scene.

Finally the confirmation came to us that KDB Mafia will be featured on our Deep channel. We quickly got in touch with him to know everything about label and his show.

Here is how it went!

How did KDB Records come about?

The idea of KDB was born in 2007. We spent have traveled all around Europe, mostly in Berlin. We went to different clubs each night, and were taken back by the amazing European musicians and people on the dance floor.  After attending these parties we thought to ourselves, are there any producers who could play like these producers and DJ’s, from Russia?  We discovered that they did not have the proper channels to have their sounds heard, and were not allowed to publically promote ourselves, so…KDB got a German address.  We were the first in post-soviet countries to press our own vinyl. We worked in Berlin, guys played our music in Watergate and Bar25 and we pressed vinyl until there was no money left, and realized that we needed to regroup.

We went back to work around 2012, and I had a clear understanding of what I wanted to make. I wanted to put together a team of young producers who will grow together alongside the label. I would like to release music that I would play.  I knew what kind of music I wanted to release, and we got working to create KDB Mafia.  Along with Russians, we also have producers and DJ’s from other European countries, and Australia, Mexico. These producers have access to other A-list producer’s material, and consistently drop their tracks in their sets. It is our pleasure that so many people know the logo of KDB and like our cover works.


How would you define your music style and the music that your label promotes?

We do not like to give it one name, but if we had to, I would call it groovy colours of deep tech sound.

Would we be listening to some un-released stuff during the course of the show?

Yes, of course, I always play all of my label releases in my sets. I only play the stuff I love to hear.

What is the most difficult part of managing the label?

I am sure you have heard it before:  the most difficult part is to find a 100% hit between thousands tracks.

What should our audience expect from the show and listener who are new to your label? (By the way, have you decided the name of the show?)

I am planning on a 2hour show, one hour is mix by TrockenSaft, and second hour is a guest mix from residents KDB Records and producers whose music I love to play and who inspire me! The name of radioshow is #KDBMafia Radioshow. The word “mafia” means “family” and nothing more.

KDB Records premieres July 22nd @ 2PM EST [convert timezone] on FRISKY DEEP. Don’t miss out!