Karlos Molina

Karlos Molina Brings an Endless Wave of DEEP Sounds

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FRISKY News caught up with FRISKY’s newest addition, Karlos Molina. We discussed studio inspirations, creative process, new projects and of course, his new show, End Wave.

Hailing from Madrid, Karlos Molina began his music journey over two decades ago and has been in full force ever since refusing to look back. Karlos is no stranger to the club and festival scene having performed countless times at various venues throughout Ibiza, Madrid, and Buenos Aires while also sharing the DJ booth with John Digweed, Luciano, Timo Mass, Agoria, Adriatique, Guy J, Richy Ahmed, Patrick Topping, and Cristian Varela among others.

With his new show, End Wave, Karlos Molina brings his deepest Progressive, Techno and Minimal sounds to FRISKY #DEEP.

Tune in every third Wednesday, premiering on November 20th @ 3 PM EST [convert timezone]. Listen anytime after with FRISKY Premium.

Karlos Molina dj live

Welcome to the FRISKY family, Karlos! For those FRISKY News readers that may not be familiar with you (yet), kindly introduce yourself and tell us why did you start to do music?

Hello and thank you very much for the great reception from the Frisky team. Well, my passion for Electronic music begins in the early 90’s, first influenced by the sounds of which our famous Rout was, and then from Hard trance and Hard techno because it was what the sound was in Madrid. In the 94, I entered in a club for the first time in my life and already knew that was my thing [laughs]. Three years later, I bought my first turntables starting my learning and my first touch with vinyl.

Many and many hours spent closed in my room until my first performance arrived. In 2002 I put in with of a genius of music, Daniel Soliva, he guided me and formed in musical production. The first years were hard! And with many hours, the software controls me, not me to the software, now is not the same, and I can put all my creativity in the track and that makes me feel happy.

I notice your music ranges from deep progressive to techno and minimal. What got you hooked on these sounds? Do you find yourself producing one sub-genre over the other?

Of course, I don’t fit in one particular style, my sets are influenced by many styles in which I try to merge, then to create an atmosphere and tell a story and not only put a track by track. My good friend Fidel is one of the persons who has the most influence on me. In fact, he was the cause of my sound to go for this side, showing me all that influence that came from other countries when we don’t have an easy way like now.

Tell me a little about your creative process. When producing, how do you typically like to start a track? Percussion/groove? Melody?

At the time to start a track I like to begin in the rhythm. It’s there where I start my creative process. And forward always with the vision of the club in my mind and having fun on the way. I think it’s amazing from the silence to finish a track.

When working, what helps you keep focus and remain inspired in the studio?

With no doubt what helps me the most is having the studio clean, I can’t deal with the disorder [laughs]. The Phone put aside, sit down with an infusion and listening to music for a time before opening the DAW.

Karlos Molina

With all the fun technology and music software that’s available nowadays, what’s your studio setup like? Besides DAW, what’s one special piece of equipment you can’t live without? Why?

It’s true that these days there are a lot of technology. Now I work with Ableton Live and Logic, one Imac, a pair of Adam A8X and other for a second reference, some midi controllers, and I like to keep myself up to date with the plugins. Because I like to choose the best that fits with my work system. I can’t live without my work pc, a rhythm box and a keyboard.

Let’s talk about your show, ‘End Wave’. Tell me more about the meaning behind the name.

The meaning of End Wave is jointed to a syne Wave because the oscillation reminds me of a sea Wave and its repeated move.

Regarding your new show with FRISKY, what do you hope listeners take away from your music?

Very excited to show my particular way of musical expression and be with they, been clothed by them. The show will be broadcast all the third Wednesday of each month and I hope that they enjoy as much as I will do from this November 20.

Karlos Molina

Besides having your new show, what else are you working on? Anything we should be on look out for?

I am in some projects – I am a restless person, LOL. One of them is the new studio works that’s been made along this year. In fact, ten original tracks are prepared to be released in the next few months. The hub is another one that makes me a lot of illusion with my partner El Imaginario, a project dedicated to teaching the culture of Electronic music through the image and sound. Other one is “Vicious is Progressive”, a section inside of Vicious Magazine dedicated to the melodic side of the Electronic music in which try to teach the youngest audience.

Thanks, Karlos for spending time with me and FRISKY News – its been fun.

Thanks for having me – thanks to all!