Just Her on curating music, mixing genres, and life as a music junkie


Experimenting, enjoying, and following the journey with Just Her

We have been wanting to do this for some time now. With her it has always been about music and less about genre. She doesn’t hesitate to experiment with her sound and it really come across through her sets and production. Claire Spooner aka Just Her is one fabulous person, super talented producer and proud owner of her own label, Constant Circles. So when we got the chance to sit with her, you bet we had a lot to talk about. 12806240_969004749846356_4326112530148862123_n

Can you please tell us the idea behind Helix?

A helix is a spiral, an upward circle that can be drawn forever. It is limitless. The key concept of my HELIX show is to curate a selection of music from the past, present and future. It is not really about promoting my own music or my record label, it’s more about track selection and the journey. It’s a chance for me to do some really deep crate digging and be super experimental and cutting edge with the music I play, which ranges from deep electronica to driving techno.

What inspires you to write music?

Having the opportunity to write music for a living and do what I love every day is the most amazing gift, so it’s not difficult to feel inspired to get into the studio and create. When it comes to the actual writing and production I’m inspired by all kinds of things, but mainly moments and experiences in my life and the world around me. I definitely take influence from other music too but really from all kinds and styles. I’m a music junkie so I listen to everything from classical to blues to trip hop to indie & rock and I would say I’m influenced by all of these in some way. 12523123_939964322750399_8871091551868499030_n

How would describe the change in electronic music scene over the last decade?

I often hear people complaining about the state of the electronic music scene now and how it is in decline, but actually I disagree. Yes, it is changing but isn’t that a good thing?

We should be embracing that change and growing with it.

A big topic in recent years has been the crossover of the ‘deep house’ genre into the mainstream – but music always has to evolve. If it didn’t then the underground scene would be stagnant and boring. Also the exposure you can get for your music now is unreal – I can post a track online and it gets instant listens from all over the globe. I agree that this has also caused the market to become saturated, but if you are really good at what you do and are willing to work hard then you can make yourself stand out and it is easier than ever to be heard. I guess I’m just a bit of an optimist. 🙂

Is there any difference in approach when designing a set for club nights and radio shows?

There are similarities and differences I think. For me, it is always about the journey, whether it is a warm up or peak time dance floor set, a radio show or listen at home mix. It always needs to build, flow & take the listener somewhere. It’s also about creating those ‘moments’ of emotion for the audience no matter where they are listening. But of course when playing in clubs my sets tend to be more high energy tech house and techno, so with the radio shows I can go a little deeper and play a bigger variety of styles, including some really deep or ambient electronica at times, which I love.

Are you currently working on any new projects?

Yes, I possibly have too many projects happening right now, but I like to keep things interesting! My main goal is to finish up some original vocal tracks that I have written with the amazing vocalist Kieran Fowkes to follow up our single ‘Let Myself Go’. I’m also working on some more techno influenced originals, plus I have a few collaboration tracks on the go – firstly with Allies For Everyone to follow up our forthcoming EP on Einmusika, secondly with talented South African producer Ryan Murgatroyd and then also with Berlin based Franz Alice Stern. I have also just finished a remix of Habischman for Selador Recordings and I have two more to finish this month – a remix of Leman & Dieckmann on Cadaceaus Empirical and then a remix of TR20 on Kyubu Records. These will all be out later this year. On top of this I am running my record label Constant Circles, compiling the Constant Circles radio show and blog, putting together my HELIX show and preparing for gigs in Ibiza, London & Berlin. Lucky I’m good at multi-tasking 😉

Which is your favourite club/venue to perform?

Ahhh this is such a difficult question to answer! I’ve been lucky enough to play all over the world at some really incredible venues. Truth in Johannesburg has a special place in my heart because of the vibe and the amazing reception I always get there. But another great memory was playing for S.A.S.H at Home nightclub in Sydney Australia, overlooking Darling Harbour. In the UK, Egg London is by far my favourite club to play at. I’ve been DJing at Egg for a long time and I’m now a resident for the amazing night Sabajaq there. It’s always a great vibe. You can catch me there next on 25th June. 12473935_994732853940212_1470914784756176403_o

Thank you Just Her! Helix is always a creative and inspiring journey, tune in right now and hear for yourself:

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