Join 58918012 on a Sleep Trip

Lauren Krieger

Yurii Popov aka 58918012 has been a repeated guest on the CHILL channel where he’s introduced his dark, experimental sound with mixes for Chillout Sundays on October 2020 & January 2021 and as CHILL Featured Artist this March. We caught up with him for that special feature to learn more about his passion for dark ambient and sad sounds, and to discover where he finds some of the unique pieces for his own productions. [Read Featured Interview] Using deep and introspective music as the method to share his innermost feelings, 58918012 has a connection to ambient that plays a different role than as guitarist for post-metal band NUG. However his reason and meaning behind the music remains the same.

I think, the most important thing for me is to convert my emotions and inner feeling to music. Because otherwise, they may overload me.

On a mission to expose more listeners to the style of music which has made such an impact on him and seeking an avenue to share his passion for “digging in tons of music searching for musical pearls”, 58918012 created a YouTube channel Sleep Trip. Now he’ll be bringing his Sleep Trip discoveries and ideals to CHILL, where he will be featuring his personal productions and a plethora of tracks from quality artists whose music deserves to be heard. Tune in on August 1st at 11AM EST [convert timezone] or listen on-demand anytime with FRISKY Premium. Read on to find out more below:

What is your goal / purpose for Sleep Trip?

Since I am a musician, and a big fan of music in general, and ambient music in particular, “sleep trip” is my attempt to popularise ambient music a little bit more. Sometimes I am surfing around the internet in searching of fresh ambient stuff, and you will not believe, how many amazing tracks, EPs, and albums go out every day! But for most of the world, they stay “invisible” and unheard forever, which is incredibly sad. So, at the beginning of 2020, I decided to start an ambient channel. Yes, it’s pretty small, but I hope it’s useful at least for a few hundred of my subscribers. That’s all.

Can you share your reasons behind choosing this name?

Well, it’s pretty simple. For years now I am falling asleep with ambient music sounds in my room. Honestly, it was the first name in my head, when I thought about the future channel.

What have you been focusing on in the music recently?

If you mean, what I am listening to, then for the last few weeks I am listening to a lot of hip-hop music (at least during the day). Not only hip-hop, but comparing to the previous few years — it’s a lot 🙂

But if you’re asking about my “focus” in music I that create by myself, then it’s probably gonna be the dub techno and techno genre.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share?

I had a new EP “Fog Echoes” coming out on On July 16. There are 5 tracks in techno and dub techno style. So, stay tuned, and listen to my new release on all platforms. Peace <3 [Listen on Spotify]